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February 2020

Ginza & Nihombashi under Corona influence

Patrol over the area where tons of flow do flow in…or gathered.
Drove through Ginza and Nihombashi area around 3pm this afternoon.

Ginza - probably 20-30% fewer in the crowd.

Nihombashi (Mitsukoshimae) is about 15-20% fewer crowd.

Compared to Ginza, Nihombashi is not popular destination for Chinese visitors and is popular among middle-age women.
Probably, those ladies do not mind about such virus influence and do what they need to do.

This patrol covers only snapshot basis.

People may not stay too long in those areas… may not stop by additional places to what they need to go.
Thus, less consumptions for sure.

From tomorrow for at least 2 weeks, kids are to stay home and lots of workers intend to work at home.
Grocery and home supplies are on huge demand for now… excess demand.

How things are going to be???

Family Dinner 1st time for a long time?

Good foods and drinks are reward…

No complaints. Perfect.
Time for weekend!

Munich: Last Day of Trip

Flying out of Munich for Tokyo:

Brand new BEV - Audi e-Tron 55 Quattro!

Souvenirs for home. Real champagne - 2 bottles.
Veuve Clicquot and Moet & Chandon.

Yet prefer ANA to Lufthansa in terms of service and foods. Hahaha.

Munich: Walking in Marienplatz

Sparing a little time to walk in town of Munich:

No change much in that area… Hahaha.

Never been inside? Maybe 1st time ever…

This hold is familiar!
Yeah, spent 5-6 day at this boutique hotel before. Still there!!!

No much of free time; at least walked around to feel "Germany."

London: Did Not See Any!

Finishing the London trip up.
Didn't even have chance to see any London at all.
I mean, no sightseeing whatsoever.

It was 1st time to be in London for how many years? Since 1997?
Too bad that didn't get a chance to walk around to see the difference… Am sure that there are tons of them.

Just between Hotel and Office… that was it!

London: ANA Flight to LHR


Had to put mask on until landing to the LHR.
After that, I have to take it off because I do not want to look "suspicious."

Nice Mount Fuji in distance!

a movie after a movie - I did enjoy.

Over the Great Britain!


First night, Italian food… hahaha.

Time to Pack for What and Where?

Packing in progress.
For what and where?
Well, business trip is ahead. Not moving. Not escape.

Procedure was rather slow tonight.
Packing is a piece of cake for me… but not tonight.

Things to pack were listed in my head… no big deal.
Probably lack of concentration?
I have lots of things to do for work besides this trip.

In other words, there are some concerns for work besides the trip.

It is tough for me to do both, simultaneously.

After-supper sweets is of straberry daifuku (mochi) from "GInza Akebono."
Another kind of good sweets. Love it.

Well, departure is of tomorrow.
See ya.

Bag Maintainence & Repair

Stopped by a retail store - it is "Bottega Venetta"
Came for maintenance & repair.

There were some scratched and faded color.
Requested for quotation… which may take time.
I am totally fine with any given condition because simply have alternative bags for work.

However, shop staff treated me such a VIP customer. Everything was such exaggerating.
Am not much impressed or even honored. But I understand the tone of service.
Most of customers for BV should be buying wallets and sneakers? Buying bags is a big deal? Hahaha.

Right before going into Ginza, MoonFlower and I went up to Shinjuku area.
It was for this cake @ Sunday Bakeshop.

Good cake in the late afternoon. Perfect with coffee for me.

Okay, weekend is over.
Need to get back to work… soon.

Foodie Eat Around for Japanese Sweets and More

Made it early morning… that is quite rare for us… but did!
Showed up to Harajuku this morning.
As MoonFlower's request, came here:

Famous Japanese sweets shop called "Mizuho."

Big Daifuku sweets. Excellent stuff it was.

RIght after that, MF insisted to go to another place.

However, that extra efforts tuned in to be in vain…
All sold out and we were out of luck at least for today.
Maybe some other chance.

I found from Instagram follower that this shop called "Matsushimaya" actually introduced on TV yesteday.
No wonder that the line for sweets were even longer!
No luck, simply.

Went even farther for supper. Went to Sangenjaya area.
Italian bar restaurant called "Cosi Com'e."

Ezo deer steak and pasta were excellent!!!

All day long, excellent food made up great day. What else?