German Sausage & Wiener Schnitzel

Breakfast taken at hotel this morning since I have time until the first session in the office.
Good breakfast with German (white) sausages.
From previous trips, I learned that I should peel the skin off and eat inside only. I really like that way.


Meeting begins at 10:30am. Big kick off for the week with big print material that I need to read about it.
How many pages? About 200+ pages?


We finished the 1st day around 8pm. Later than expected. Now I see some snow falling.


I didn't prepare for such climate.

IMG_3030 IMG_3031

Team dinner at restaurant near the hotel. Cool beer glass chandelier.

IMG_3034 IMG_3035

Appetizer and entree - I selected Wiener Schnitzel. Usual German dish.


And team photo! Nice to meet you all.
Members are from:

Japan (me), South Africa, Mexico, India, US, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and Germany.

What an internal team we are.

Travel to Munich, Germany

Long day just done!
Yes, I am once again in Munich, Germany.
6-day trip now begins.


Reserved my ticket to ANA but I take codeshare flight to LH today.
No much expectation for good service. Not even smiles from flight attendants! Hahaha. You know what I mean.

20160228_2 20160228_3

This time, not business. not coach. I go in the middle - Premium Economy.
Two times in a row. Last trip to Munich, via Paris, was Premium Economy.
I do not care whether I can use the lounge. I care about the space around the seat! Hahaha.

It was good and smooth flight.
Saw 5 movies.
Two of them were missed at the theater. Thus, it was great catch up. However, the selection was awfully limited.

I should expect more on returning flight since I am ANA flight from Frankfurt to Haneda next Saturday.

Waited for 30-40 minutes for colleague to arrive from Washington D.C. and it was first meeting to each other.
Communication was set via WhatsApp and things were smooth.
We shared a taxi ride to the hotel.


Hotel room - double bed room assigned to me. Though, shower room with transparent glasses. Oh gosh.
Wait. I am alone and no one really watches me taking shower for sure.
Though, it is kind of awkward. Hahaha.

Well, 6-day trip begins and I am ready. Will see what to happen and it is exciting.
I am going to meet project members coming from different countries. I just met one and expecting half dozen more.
Cool. Interesting global project is about to roll out.

Tired. Let me hit the sack.
Good night.

Cafe Noa in Tateishi, Tokyo

Saturday has come! This is just a day before departure to Germany.
Busy morning it was since MoonFlower reserved seats for two of us at cafe located in Tateishi.
We had to rush into dry cleaning for drop-off first and quickly bounded for the cafe.

20160227_1 20160227_4

Destination was Cafe Noa - I came here before. Actually it was for my birthday sweets last year.
Now this place is even more popular and all tables were full with customers.
Somehow, almost all customers are alone and female.

Another common thing found was that they do bring mirrorless camera and take lots of pictures. More than I do.
They must upload to their own blog or Instagram…
While, I stick to my iPhone camera… no wonder that the number of visitors to my website doesn't go up much. Hahaha.

20160227_2 20160227_3

After waiting 1 hour or even longer… since cafe owner runs everything by herself…
Though, great things come after.

20160227_5 20160227_6

Crape was the best for the day. I really loved it. MF made a great choice from the menu. She knows so much about this place, already.


My final was even sweeter and bigger.
Since finishing medical check-up, I am free to eat anything… means that I gain some already? I should be careful.


After long afternoon nap, supper came with wine.
Selection was of Italian bottle. Red. Toscana.

20160227_9 20160227_a

Another long night with finishing the bottle.
Of course, my packing was already completed for tomorrow. Rate, huh.
I usually start packing at midnight…

I have to leave home around 9am for airport.
Flight was a little after noon.
Hope it wouldn't be too cold in Germany. Will see.

Flu is everywhere... EPIDEMIC?

Oh boy, I am in the middle of chaos!
I found that I am among tons of people who are absent from work today.
Two member of the department that I run a project with are diagnosed as being infected by flu virus. Meaning they are grounded home for 5 working days.


Later today, I came to know even more.
My colleague - Senior Manager who is supposed to cover my role next week is also infected. He caught the flu, too.


This is really bad. I heard that flu is really everywhere… though, I never thought that it was just around me like that.

Didn't even finish it here…

Client who I mainly deal with declared that he has a fever and left work early. What does this mean?
Of course, he surely stayed close to those who missed due to influenza up to yesterday.
Project is going to be suspended for a week if he become victimized for sure.


If he feels having fever and I must have some possibility, too. Since I am sitting next to him.

Now my nose is running… a little bit. Oh gee, am I?
My business trip starts in a few days and I have to go. Really do. I cannot cancel or postpone this trip.
Oh boy… I should sleep soonest.

Good night then.

Gastroscope Experience

Gastroscope experience for the 1st time ever in my entire life!
It was long complete medical check-up started from 9am today.
I had never imagined that it would take more longer than 4 hours.

To be honest, I thought that it would be a matter of a couple of hours.

I realized that dozens of people already came to the same place for same purpose.
I was definitely last part of the group for today.
Plus, experiencing the gastroscope was not as easy as thought it to be.

Weight - unfortunately didn't go low as wished. It was 73.5 kilograms.
Not that bad, though. Definitely down trend since current project started.
Punctual life with three meals everyday definitely support such trend.

Another two months to be in this project means that there an opportunity to lose another 3 kilograms? Maybe so.
Since January 18th, I have been with current client in the project for over a month now.
This resulted me to lose weight of 2.5 kilograms. Not bad, huh.

Why this client over this particular project?
I bet that the premise that I work at is relevant to the fact.
I have to move from one meeting to another. I have to take stairs to go up and down.

My Move by Jawbone indicates that I nowadays walk more than 7,000 steps.
Daily target is set at that point and I achieve the goal everyday on weekday.
I surely consume calories, accordingly. It indicates that I have healthy life going on.

That is why I am saying that there is an opportunity ahead to lose my weight further.
I will stay with this client in the project until the end of April. At least planned so.

Let's get back to gastroscope talk.

Around 1pm, my name was once again called and I was taken to the backside of clinic.
Blood was taken and laid on the bed for examination.
It was difficult to swallow the the scope for the 1st time.

Doctor really pushed the scope to go through my body quite hard. Harder than I thought.
Finished it up after 10 minutes or so.
Nurse told me that it was unbelievably easy on me for intaking gastroscope even for the 1st time.

Well, it was hard for me... if things continued for another 3 minutes, I may have given it up.
I really felt like that. Though, thank goddess that it was done then.

Because of excess number of visitors for check-up, I had to wait for a long time and I was late to the 2pm meeting which was important part of the project.
Well, still I got there for 2nd half which is better than missed it all. Things are still under control.

Another busy day... well, project makes me busier and busier day by day.
I start concerning about coming week since I am offsite.
Well, I am away from Japan.

Another Senior Manager will be in my place for next week to make sure that things are going smoothly. So it should be okay.
At least this is the plan for next week.

Do you know funny Japanese English?

Have you ever heard of term, "Human (Dry) Dock?"
I bet that it is absolutely Japanese English; however, all Japanese can tell what it is.
Human reaching to the dock like ship? Yeah sounds like that.

It is about comprehensive medical check-up.

I have an appointment tomorrow and part of the menu counts "Stomach Camera" or gastroscope.
Stomach Camera - what a name!!! But it is true. We literally call it so.
Well, tomorrow it is first time ver in my life to take gastroscope. Very scary.

Appointment is schedule at 9:30am. Should take several hours.
I hope things go well and I come to diagnose as clean and healthy.
Yeah, I just talked about the retirement plan with MoonFlower yesterday.

Need an optimistic retired life coming up. At least so I believe for now.

Another concern is of my weight.
Since December, the weight should be downward and I am very curious how much I weigh for now.
Hope it to be between 71 and 72 kilograms. The lighter I weight, the better I feel.

Though, I am sure that I currently weight lighter than 70 for sure. If so, I would feel like worn-out.

Therefore, weighing somwhere around 71 or 72 should be good for now.
It means that I am under good control of my diet. You know what I mean.

From 10pm tonight, I am told not to eat anything until the appointment.
Only a cup of water is allowed after 10pm. Well, I have to stay hungry or even sturving.

3 meetings scheduled after "Human Dock" and I am not sure that I can still make first meeting which is at 2pm. Thus, I give guidance how to facilitate the meeting to project team member - young female consultant. Things should be in good hand then.

So 3 meetings tomorrow and another 4 on Thursday.
So far somehow... zero meeting on Friday. Then, I will become airbourne to Germany!
Feel a bit sorry since I have to leave current project behind.

Oops, one meeting tomorrow is just cancelled. Down to 2. More controllable.

At the same time, it is perfectly good for those two young consultants to move the project forward by themselves. I take it very positive opportunity for them.

Will see how the medical check tomorrow would go. Of course, I want to get clean healthy result!
Wish me luck.


On the desk today. The book titled "The Collaboration Imperative" indicates what?
Unlock organization's true potential!

Another Milestone

New week… comes to have new story… you know what I mean.
Today, it was easy day until late afternoon.
Two meetings then held.

One was for steering committee material review with client. Didn't go as planned.
Well, more than expected, I guess. Tons of input which we need to reflect.
Though, things are positive and way to go.

Another was of meeting with different client. Actually one last engagement.
It was a call with client overseas.
I had to present what I have delivered before. Well, it was like Q&A session, mostly.

Did go quite well and the client seems content with the input that I made.

That client even consider come over to Japan for next step. Oh boy, I may get even busier.
I should take this as very positive signal and I did my job right!
I feel good about it. At least tonight. Hahaha.

One concern, though.
I am not quite ready for a session scheduled tomorrow.
I waited, still am waiting, for the data that I need… but not in yet. Oh boy.

It is not my fault and tomorrow's session can be very flat and plain. Will see.

Let's not forget about paying the ticket for Halie Loren by tomorrow.
If missed, the ticket is not going to be reserved. That cannot be allowed to happen.
I should go in to "FamilyMart" for getting my ticket issued.

Came home earlier than usual. I was home around 9:30pm. 30-60 minutes earlier.
MoonFlower was already home and I had to share some financial thing with her.
It was about some financial simulation about our retirement.

Oh boy, we already talk about such. Too early to think or even discuss? Well, not sure but we just did.

Cannot imagine of our retirement plan since another 15 years or so to go!
But it is surely wise to consider and even prepare. Don't you agree?
Well, it was simple and plain simulation result shared with her. We feel okay about it. We certainly do not do any crazy stuff.

Now passing my bed time. I'd better hit the sack. Good night!

Selected Music is... "Butterfly Blue"

Now mood is that the weekend is over. That is true. All of us now think and worry about tomorrow.
Well, let's not think too much.
It should be like whatever may be. Let the time flow.

I come to choose music which I can take along for business trip starting next week.
Spent quite some time… to make final selection.
I choose… Halie Loren.


Her latest album "Butterfly Blue" is downloaded from iTunes and now ready to listen with iPhone and iPad.
Do you know of her?
Actually, this is first time for me to know Halie Loren.

I went in to the jazz vocalist category and reached her name.
Not sure that she won the Grammy this year or not. Is this album part of her nomination?
I need to search a bit more about it. Though, that doesn't matter.

I like jazz. I really like Diana Krall. I have more than 5 CDs of hers.
Also I first hand saw her performance in the jazz festival once.
I really like her voice.

Well, unfortunately she doesn't release music much anymore.
Thus, I wanted to follow someone else in addition to Diana.
Halie seems to be a good choice. Her voice is nice, too.

Found that Halie Loren is coming to Tokyo in April and I just booked one seat for myself.
Cool, I can see her performance so soon.

You can see video clip of her performance from youtube:

Cool, isn't she?

Free Day, Wine, Watch Winding...Blissful Moment

It is Saturday! Started early at 8am. Wow, it is early.
Since MoonFlower went out with her friend and drove our car… I have nothing to do and no car to drive around.
That is still okay as far as I come to secure great freedom!

Went out to shoe repair shop for my two different pairs which their soles need maintenance.
Cost was 2,700 yen or 25 bucks. I can pick them up tomorrow.

Wanted to get haircut since my hair is getting long.
When was last time that I went to my saloon? I bet it was early January and, for almost 1.5 months, I have no haircut.
Time to get it done! So I called for appointment. I instantly reserved it for 5:30pm. Yes, same day - today.

Had time about 1 hour until then. Decided to stop by coffee shop.
I thought that it was time to test how well my new headset works. I went to cafe with tons of customers and loud jazz music played.
It was a perfect condition to test such noise cancelling feature by BOSE.

Well, my impression is that this WORKS QUITE WELL. What a technology!
There is no doubt that this works fine in flight when I am going to Germany in two weeks. Cool.
I cannot wait on board to the flight to Munich! (even though I fly economy!)

Now I need software… to this great hardware. Let me see what I should get. What kind of music then?

Supper starts home as MoonFlower came home and so I did after haircut.
My hair got shorter than expected. This makes me feel cold?
Wine bottle gets open.

20160220_1 20160220_2

Nice dinner setting with flower today.


Watching gourmet TV which is recorded. Program called "Wakaso Sake."

20160220_4 20160220_5

Supper continues.

20160220_6 20160220_7

Finished with pasta and still sweets followed.


Winding my precious watch - Audemars Piguet. MoonFlower told me to take this Royal Oak off. Hahaha, I have to resist.
My precious time winding the watch.

Good and relaxing day just passed by. Cannot complain.

REWARD Deserved - BOSE QuietComfort 25

Friday is now over. Weekend is just coming up.
What a great thing! I couldn't resist. I should get as easy as possible. Time to relax.
You know exactly what I mean.

I had a great finish today.
Had short but important meeting for 30 minutes. I preside and present the concept.
Funny moment came up in the middle of the meeting.

I presented my material and finished my part after 15 minutes.
Then, I asked the Department Director for his comment following my input.
He made a comment as:

"You sound very well today and have notihng to add."

The meeting was inviting other department's head and I expected a bit more official pitch out of him.
Anyway, Director's comment made me giggle.
I took, still take, it as good sign. I do what I am expected to do or even more.

Thus, today's mission is completed in positive way. Good work! I should keep it up from next week as well.

This means that I should deserve some kind of reward.
Here it is!
New gadget is coming. This time, head set. Brand new, of course.

BOSE QuietComfort 25

I have never ever bought any head set before. Until now, always ear phone.
How come suddenly new product category that I decided to take some experiment about?
Well, one major reason is that I want to try BOSE's enhanced technology - noise cancelling.

Never had such feature on any product that I had.
That feature should help me to concentrate or relax while on airplane or in train.
So I read and saw in promotion movie available in Youtube.

Well, placed an order early this morning on the web.
To Yodobashi Camera who delivers goods within the same day if ordered by 10am.
That means I can see my new stuff when I get home (meaning that I am writing this blog on road).

How exciting!

As mentioned to you (if you keep coming back to read this blog, you know), I will travel to Germany relatively soon.
This new gadget will help me to have comfortable flight to Munich from Haneda on 28th. I cannot wait.

Well, I will test how effectively works with enhanced technology.
Hope that it would be as good as said in Youtube movie.
Otherwise, I will refund. Hahaha.

Too bad. Unlike US, stores do not take cancellation easily.
No-question-asked kind of policy is rare to be found here. Unfortunately.
Therefore, I have no choice... and the head set got to be good.

Weekend begins now.
Weather doesn't seem to cooperate much for Saturday.
Though, MoonFlower has her own appointment and I come to have free time.

Although on Sunday, she may have to go to Aoyama for Bread Festival and not sure what I do.
In Sunday afternoon, I should go to a store in Ginza for checking. Not buying for sure.
Need to take a look at some rare watch that happened to be in the store that I know.

Sunday's weather should be better and optimal. So I heard.

Need alcohol. Had some beer last night with clients.
I want wine tonight. I should look for a place to have such.
Feeling like I want to drink by myself. Sometimes, I feel like doing so. Time being myself is sometimes valuable, indeed.

Reading book is another idea for this weekend.
I should check new release on the web for next books to read.
Will see.

Well, let me wrap this up here. Otherwise, I would keep going.
You have fun and relaxing weekend and I will do the same for myself.

And now home and found this:

20160219_1 20160219_2

Oh, so cool!!!

20160219_3 20160219_4

Sounds GREAT!
Smaller than expected. Even better.
Noise cancelling is awesome! Cannot wait to use it outside or in flight!!!


Dinner with Client

Hi folks. Now Thursday is over.
Today only meeting was postponed. Thus, I changed the entire plan of the work with two supporting consultants.
Throughout two internal meetings, three of us worked on additional tasks to bring some new topic to client.

So far it is okay. I have assumed thing right and am quite certain that this additional work is to be value-add.

Tonight it was a big team dinner with client. Though, everyone was busy and only 50% of the team came to the dinner.
50% of the team is of 10 people.
From our team from the consulting firm, only three out of five showed up. We too were busy then.

Anyway, it was fun and great team building occasion.
I came to know of client members and their background. That is good to know.

Many of them have consulting background like:

IBM Business Consulting
Head Strong

Of course, I didn't have much chance before to talk to them in person.
Therefore, drinking with them makes me feel close and part of it.

Good time it was.

Tomorrow, three meetings planned. Two of them are review meeting that I have to lead.
One of those starts at 5:30pm. Later than expected originally, but that is okay. Will do whatever takes.
I should finish it all well and feel good about it in order to come to a fun and easy weekend.

Though, I do not have any big (or small) plan for this weekend at all. At least this moment. Hahaha.

Better than Yesterday: Consultant's Saga

All concerns carried over from yesterday seemed to be dealt well for today.
I feel much better since I have "contributed" something to the project today.
That means I have utilized my time a little bit more effectively than previous day.

Two Starbucks coffee for today and nothing more.

My life is becoming healthier and healthier since it is quite punctual with few alcohol.
My weight should be indicating lower than before. Particularly lighter than one at the year-end.
Not sure how much I have lost. However, I am sure that I lost some weight.

The matter is how much, right? Indeed.

Two more days to go... and let me count... WOW three meetings to go.
That is not much and that is not good because further delay on my project? Gosh.

Besides the current project, I have to engage with some other things.
Next project now asks me to travel overseas for preperation.
To Germany, precisely. To Munich, exactly.

Yeah, Munich once again. My most popular destination in Germany.

If you know me in person, I usually work on global projects.
Thus, I have been to many countries on business from US, Europe, Asia, and whever.
Though, interesting trend has been taking place since 2012.

After finishing the project in Bangkok, Thailand for 9 months in 2012, my travel abroad hits a big streak.

It is that I keep going to the same place over and over. To Munich, Germany.

2 times (July & October) in 2013
3 times (July, October & November) in 2014
0 times in 2015 (only domestic trips in that year - very rare!)

Thus, I come to travel over to Munich as 6 times in a row!
Do I speak German by now? Of course not. Hahaha.

Munich is not large city and 5 times that I have been there are sufficient to know it all.
I would feel like to see something different. I want to visit some other city!
Though, it is business and it gives me no choice.

I will be in Munich, once again, from February 28th to March 5th, 2016.

What about the current project? Could I be excused? I sure hope so.

Lunch and supper were all free at client's site.
I worked as late as 9pm and come home thereafter.
Nothing more. Nothing interesting.

Hope that Nikkei gets soared tomorrow. Will see...

Bad Meeting among Good Meetings

Made it early! Yes, I left home at 7am as planned (Great!). Therefore, I started this morning right.
Let's see how the rest of day would go.

All meeting were fine... except one which was the most important for the day.
That is a little bit disappointing even to myself. I am sure that it is the same for client and my teammates.
What happened in that particular meeting was pretty much nothing.

Is that my fault? Hmm, not really so.

I had expected some valuable input that client side would be going to make.
However, it turned out lots of things which are up in the air for today.
Therefore, no positive result and I feel a little bit down, unfortunately.

I should have lowered such expectation?

I could have done it differently... at least slightly.
Anyway, this must be part of learning and I should be more ready for other meetings.

No much spending since free food provided at the client's site.
Therefore, I spend few money... literally.
What I spent money for today is only coffee - at Starbucks.

Two cups of coffee for single day. That is it.
This turns out to be a big saving everyday.
What a privilege!


Plus, Starbucks now brings up new spring design on its paper cup.
Cherry blossoms - they are coming in a month or so.
Great season is just ahead. Needs to get out of dark cold winter.

Nikkei now calms itself down? Good positive round from the beginning today.
However, it finishes a bit weak with 30-point up.
Still another big messy trade to soar or plummet ahead?

Either direction, up or down, I would like to see it to move slowly.
What we see now is just out of control and no one, except computerized trading, can deal.

Today's pen was Pelikan Souveran M450 Vermeil Tortoise.
Almost ink is out and need to refill.
Since last maintenance by the maker, I carefully take care of it at the end of day when everytime I use it for work.

I use cleaning cloth to wipe all finger prints out... at least I try so.
This is because this pen is used with mixed gold plate - easily get rusted.
I do not like such...

According to the maker, getting rusted is caused with oxidation by the oil of my hands .
Not sure that "oil of my hands" does make sense in English.
I have no alternative expression. Poor English.

Anyhow, I keep the pen as clean not to get rusted.
Nice gold pen that I love and one of my favorites fountain pens.
Gold... but not so shiny, though. Better than silver for sure.

Project Assignment

How much did I tell about current work / project to you?
Well, I am not going to tell it all about it; however, I can give some brief idea.
Here we go.

First of all, it is long commute required.
I have to get up early to make the project site.
Literally, I get up at 6am (sharp!) every weekday.

Much earlier than any previous project ever engaged!

Simply the client's world headquarter is located at the other side of Tokyo.
Therefore, I have to "travel" cross Tokyo pretty much.
I usually leave home for work at 7am after taking shower, etc.

It will be around 8:30am when getting off the train.
Good things are - very limited number of transit. Only once.
and high possibility that I can take a seat for more than half way if lucky.

Commute time is of an hour and half or so.
Perfect length for me to do mixed things from net surfing, reading, and even a little nap.
I practically do all of them on the way and back, respectively.

Since assigned to this particular project, I finished reading two books in two weeks.
3rd book is about to be complete. Currently finished up to 70%, already.
Rakuten Kobo - ebook reader is great device for me.

You may be now very curious when I can leave the site.
Since early morning everyday, I can leave ealier.
Not so fast. It is consulting work. Please do not expect too much about light job to deal with (!).

I often stay in the office at client's site up to 9pm if not 10pm.

Though, I push myself out of the site by then because of next day.
On the way back - still another hour and a half needed.
Working for long time does not necessarily benefit my work and its productivity in a sense.

That is why I stay with client for long hours, but not too long.

What about how busy am I? That is another big question.
This project is unique and sustains with lots of change management.
Thus, (strategic) thinking and planning are important than working on deliverables.

No too much work on excel or data management this time.
If so, my teammates - young(-er) consultants can support for sure.
What I need to come up with is many conceptional ideas and direction issue. How to manage the project itself.

Recently, I received nomination for different project by diferent client.
My firm decided to take it as requested and I have to leave the current project behind.
That is too sad and it is still rate for me not to finish the project and move on.

Though, this is mandatory and given condition that I have to meet.
Anyway, So far I have 2 engagements, including 1 planned, in 2016.

Current engagement - I mentioned already that there are much change management involved.
Well, not only that... I have to deal with some kind of education.
Foster the staff members to be competent project manager. That is a hard one.

I have to induce them to change perspective from observer from back office to view the front side up side down to help it run the better business. Oh boy, I cannot be a good teacher for that.
Why? It is simple. That is how I make money... by executing such myself. I am not competent to teach such to others. You know what I mean.

Well, this is a big challange for me to do so. Well, part of management tasks.
Will see how well I can manage.
Wish me luck!

Still Came - St. Valentine's Chocolate

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you all!!!
It was rainy and windy in Tokyo today.
Though, the weather cleared up in early afternoon.

Even under such climate, MoonFlower and I decided to stay in for all day long.
Just as planned so since yesterday. Hahaha.
Well, two great things occurred to me today - as far as St. Valentine's concerned.


First, French toast came as my breakfast. Yes, this is my favorite.
Of course, I still like to go to restaurant for it. However, home-made by MoonFlower is something I really love.
Since the day one of our marriage, this home-made French toast kept changing for improvement.

Not sure exactly what MoonFlower did change… receive or the way of cooking… not sure at all.
However, I am certain that the test is getting better and better.
I feel like we can go and sell these, eventually. Hahaha.

Another good stuff… was of the chocolate. Valentine's tradition in Japan.
MoonFlower brought a big box of chocolate… turned out to be a big cake for me.

20160214_2 20160214_3

This one is not of her hand-made, though.
She went out to pick this yesterday for our St. Valentine's cerebration.
Big strawberries on top of the cake and it was AWESOME.

Came from Fruits Parlor Takano in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Wow, big brand it is!
Wait… this seems to be somehow expensive…
It means that MoonFlower highly expects the return in the same level as this or even more? Hmm. That's not tough to imagine.

What shall I do then?

Well, let's not think too much for now. Let me focus on good stuff to taste.
I will worry such later.
Will see what I can do for her for White Day - when all St. Valentine's gift to be paid off for all female.

At least I have whole month to think about and to worry.

Anyhow, good foods and relaxing time home today. Good and just what I needed.

Movie "Abunai Deka (Dangerous Detective)"

Saturday begins earlier than usual.
MoonFlower has some appointment with her friends somewhere… thus we both woke up early.
It was 7:30 when our morning began.

Finally, we achieved to activate our weekend as early as 7:30. First time in 2016!


My Diagono is out of the collection box for the 1st time in a long time…
Winded up manually upon setting the correct time.
Perfect fit to my wrist once again.

This is my watch for the day and went out to see a movie.


The choice made was of Japanese police movie. This is one converted from old TV series.
It was quite popular when on air then.
"Abunai Deka" or "Dangerous Detectives." Two crazy police officer closes many tough cases with lots of bullets.

Unlike current TV drama with police character, too much violence in it. Hahaha. So easy and so cool.

It was very short 110-minute movie with lots of fun without any thinking.
So relaxing.
Happened to have enough points for free movie ticket and exercised such great right.
Free movie with 290-yen coffee then.

Spent 2nd half of the afternoon home, dozing off for a while… Hahaha.
MoonFlower came home around the sun set and we decided to dine out tonight.
Last Thursday, we ate Japanese… tonight we chose Western cuisine.

French Bal - her favorite small restaurant located in walking distance. We know of the chef and cute girl working with him.
Small place managed by just two.
However, the business should be good and growing. Every time we go there, we can tell more and more frequent fans and customers there.


Potato gratin - I believe that this is the dish for the night.
Next time, I should check it out again.


Pinot noir 100% wine tonight.


"Taraba" Crab and avocado with Balsamic source.


Last - the dinner finishes with pasta. Carbonara with bacons. Good choice I made!!!
Great finish.

Good food along with tasty wine. Of course, good company (wifey).
It was fun and great time between us.

National holiday with good food

Today - it was national holiday for National Foundation Day.
Thank God, it is a day off for me.
As previously expected, I slept in this morning. Got up around 10am. Very slow morning.

Yesterday, MoonFlower went out to get her nails done.
She was taking day off then… it turned out to be just like a weekend for these days.


This is how her nails done… look pretty good!
Color in gradation for beauty.

Stopped by the ramen shop where it is first time for me to go in.




This shop is listed in the Michelin Guide.
Not only once… this shop got listed twice - two years in a row.
Must be really good one!


It was really good one. 860 yen.
I should come back to see other bowl. Will do that soon… very soon.

Went to Isetan department store in Shinjuku afterward.
MoonFlower wanted to check out new clothes.
Though, she didn't buy any today. Didn't pick any particular dress at all.



Dinner was Japanese food! Along with sake.
Good time passes by quickly and it really did for the day.
Tomorrow, one more day for Friday before weekend. Not bad.

I have to make sure that I get up on time to make the office by 9am. That is a tough one… making it early!