Instagram: status - end of 2018

Say goodbye to 2018…

Just a record… that I have 1,140 followers in my Instagram account for 2018.
As far as I remember, I had 600 followers at the beginning. So followers got doubled.
How many more? Hmm, I do not think that getting 10K is not realistic… in my case because of no speciality / strong content theme.

I should enjoy myself as much with this account.


Surprise means Christmas present?
Got an unexpected call… coming in to my personal phone.
Very rare to ring while I was working.

Usually pass the call while on duty… but I have to take it because of the caller.
Caller ID shows my old boss… that is surprise.
My first-ever boss was over the phone and sounded very fine.

He just wondered how I was doing and gave me a call.
He saw some advertisement of a firm that I used to work.
I then had to give him current firm's name for reference.

Short and instant but valuable time passed.

Made me feel like a great day ahead and I focused on task that I have to finish within the day.
Today' main task of mine is sales data analysis.
As a result of analysis, sales did improve and show significant difference. Pretty darn good!

After work, small gathering took place for year-end party #5.
Maybe I should worry how much I should drink…

Tokushima: 1st RT completed

One round trip to Tokushima is now completed.
I am facing the 2nd round ahead.
Yeah, very unusual. Cannot be helped.

Any way, 1st round went okay as usual.
No surprise.
No incident.
No claim.

Everything is peachy as can be. Hahaha.

Going to Tokushima means another round of ramen noodles.
Head of office took me to a noodle shop for lunch.
Yeah, it is a kind of hospitality? Not sure.

Well, things in the afternoon was a bit tight. I was busy collecting sales data.
Manually, typing!
Yeah, no system can generate the data that I want. Thus, I have to go through one paper work to another. Oh boy!

Time was ticking… I have to make the returning flight to Tokyo tonight.
Man, I really had to rush then.

Well, lucky enough, I safely made the flight.

Flight delayed. I picked up left-over bent at the airport and it became my supper.
Rough day… it was… kind of.

Tokushima: One Last Before Last

Planning to make 2 round trips to Tokushima within single week!
I am not kidding at all.
This is what I need to do.

20181217 ダイワロイネットホテル徳島 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

I will work here in Tokushima tomorrow and return to Tokyo with last flight for the day tomorrow night.
Then, will return here in Tokushima for Friday…
I wish that it were combined together… but cannot be done.

Too bad.

Catching a cold???

Hmm, I am no longer perfect in health?
I feel like I am catching a cold… now. Finally?
It may disturb my plan for rest of the month? Will see.

At least, the symptom is rather light and I should be fine by tomorrow.

To prevent this from getting worse, I decided to stay home all day long (of course, I didn't have any plan at all in the first place!).
Medication is surely taken.
MoonFlower had her own plan and she was out for whole afternoon… that crated a really relaxing atmosphere as well! Hahaha.

Being home, I watched so many dramas being recorded for some time.
Now I really catch up with all on-going dramas. Some of them completed and I followed entire story of episodes.
Definitely, watching tv or drama is my hobby still today.

MF went out to watch some old movie in the theatre. I guess, it was a Japanese movie… seemed very sad story.
She won some kind of a raffle… lucky her!

Tomorrow, I will be going on another trip… air trip this time. Quite busy time ahead.
I should hang in there and see how my health will cooperate.
I am sure that medication should support and no trouble is to be caused with my work.

Wish me luck.

Family Shopping for Christmas 2018

Finally, Christmas mood is coming to our household!
MoonFlower selected what she wanted for herself.
It was Saint Laurent.

Red compact bag is now hers…

Dinner with coworker consultants

Working dinner took place this eveninig:

20181214 CFディナー #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Some of them were first-met. I usually do hesitate to actively engage.
Today it wasn't the case and I did enjoy.
I somehow lasted until last minute tonight.

Things were over at 2am!

Friends' gathering

Part of year-ending party among selected friends.
Some cancellation disappointed me. But the time was excellent:

20181213 D組忘年会 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA