Family Dinner for Year-End

Another French cuisine dinner is set for our family of two. Only two.
MoonFlower and I went to French restaurant called "la clairiere" located in Shirokane Takanawa area.
Not convenient to get there from our house…
But this becomes nothing once we ate just one plate… seriously. This is excellent restaurant!

20171229_1 20171229_2


20171229_4 20171229_5

20171229_6 20171229_7

20171229_8 20171229_9


20171229_b 20171229_c

20171229_d 20171229_e

20171229_f 20171229_g

It was perfect dinner for us. Food and service were as good as they get.
Chef even came after the dinner for greeting and he seems very young but obviously talented.
MoonFlower was more than satisfied and insisted that we should come back soon. Oh boy!


Audemars Piguet was a good company for such a family dinner today.

Our X'mas Dinner 2017

Dinner reservation was made for 9 o'clock today.
Yeah, our dinner started quite late… but the place was packed and we couldn't make it any earlier, unfortunately.
Well, that is okay. It is still Saturday and late night dinner on Saturday even look "cool."

MoonFlower and I showed up late to Omotesando area for dining.

Place that MoonFlower picked was called "BENOIT." Arrived a little after 9pm and we found more than several couples waiting for their tables then.
All seems to have made their own reservations. Obviously, things were not flowing as planned then. Hahaha. It is Christmas time for sure.

We come to French dinner for Christmas:

20171223_1 20171223_2

20171223_3 20171223_4

20171223_5 20171223_6

20171223_7 20171223_8


After the dinner, restaurant manager happened to be with us for some conversation.
He admitted that things were quite chaotic and not as good as other time. He insisted that things and even food were better then (!).
To be frank, food was not bad at all.

We sort minded about their careless service by staff. That was it.

Manager even handed discount coupon, asking us to come back. Coupon was worth 5,000 yen… wow, good deal.
MoonFlower now tells me that we should go back for lunch to see if we really like that place or not.
Per reputation observed over the Internet, things are great at that place… and we should find out the truth on our own. Hahaha.

Though, it was good dinning for our Christmas.

Big (and yet unexpected) Shopping

Today, it suddenly became our shopping day for Christmas!
MoonFlower got what she wanted and, somehow, so did I.
I came to a big shopping… in fact, the biggest shopping of the year.

December 3rd, 2017, I become the owner of Italian watch called Panerai owner.
1st weekend of December is quite historic for me. It must mean something.
Back in 2013, I purchased Audemars Piguet on December 1st.

20171203_7 20171203_8

Unbox ceremony

20171203_9 20171203_a

Brand new - Paneral Luminor Due 42mm Blue - boutique edition

Wow, super cool. I had never dreamed about buying big Panerai watch. In fact, this is slim one. Thus, this is unusual Panerai.
Interesting huh.
So far, I love it. Cool watch it is.

Big reward.