2015 New Year Eve!






One More Year-End Party

Just one day to go for 2015!
One last thing on my to-do list is of car wash!
After last prayer at the cemetery, came home and started doing so.


Thorough car wash so that I feel clean to welcome the new year.
Some neighbor walked by and told me that my car is too shiny. Hahaha. Good stuff.

MoonFlower and I thought that last dinner yesterday was family year-end party.
However, we both felt that something didn't go right.
Thus, we agreed with each other to do it again for tonight!


Went out to Chiba City for one more dinner.
Venue was of tavern that MoonFlower often goes.


Dinner started with Serbian wine 2008.
Good choice made by the restaurant owner, a friend of MoonFlower.




Main dish was beef!!!
This is so good and perfect finish of 2015!

2015 Final Shopping

Last shopping for the year just finished.
While MoonFlower bought a pair of shoes, I come to choose this.
Normally, I cannot buy this at this brand because too expensive.

I could just because it was outlet price. Thank goodness.


Tie from ETRO.
2-tone tie can be worn in interesting fashion style like:


This! Cool, huh. I love it!
Yes, one another good buy.


Supper was year-end party between MoonFlower and I.
DIdn't go to any restaurant for that. Instead, we bought fresh fish - SASHIMI - along with sake.
It was relaxing dinner for two and good end for 2015.

Star Wars Checked Out!

What's up, folks!
My apology about such a long time silence. Yes, I have been alright.
Just being lazy along with many things to do.

Finally, I cleaned up lots of things including this blog data which has been pilled up and pain.
Now things are in order and I can promise that I can come back to this blog much more often for update.
I am quite thankful that those who (many people, actually) kept coming back to this place.


Today I went out to see Star Wars along with my cousin. First outing with him… interesting experience.

The movie was pretty good coming along with lots of homage to predecessors, particularly Episode IV.
Am sure that this is great for fans. Yes, I am definitely one of them who enjoyed such in this movie!

Episode VIII is coming up when? Surely not next year… in 2017? Cannot wait.
The way the Episode VII concludes is the way people want more and more of the story.
You know what I mean. Star Wars really come with great tactics for sure.

MoonFlower is now finishing the work for 2015.
She and I will get busy to be ready for great New Year's eve and new year.
Let me see what is on my to-do list for 2015 and see what I can do before 2016.

Like I said, this blog data is more organized than ever and ready for more writing.
It means that I should come to my desktop at least once everyday for update just to make sure that you are no longer disappointed.
Will do what I can do! Winking

Year-End Party 2015

Among many friends - big Saturday party held.



Many of them - I see them only this occasion every year. Hahaha.



Some changed.
Some other no change.


1st party done with this picture. 16 friends got together this year.



Party went on up to 3rd party. Yes, I attended all!!!
Too much drinks from 2pm until 10pm.
Crazy day it was.

2015 Xmas Present

Mr. Santa came to me, early!
It was a box of a bag like this.
It is from Wild Swans - Japanese leather brand. Quite famous, though.



Look at this! Two different leathers used. Nice tone!
Don't you think that I have a great taste???
Well, not so fast. It was MoonFlower's decision since this is Christmas present from her (not fully, though).

She shared the cost of the bag. I did the same for her Christmas present. That cancelled the cost to each other. Hahaha.
We're always even, then.

Anyway, I cannot wait until the moment that I start taking this bag out with me.


She's got great (er?) stuff!