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Casual French "Morceau"

Cafe "A Piece of Cake"

Another week started and the 1st day of weekdays went quite flat.
That doesn't mean I am comfortable much yet? Probably not.
Just because it seems like quietness before the storm.

Will see how things would go from here.
Am not that much optimistic, at least.

I didn't raise this from the weekend and I should have.
So here we go.

MoonFlower and I stopped by a cafe called "a Piece of Cake" in Omotesando.
It was Sunday afternoon after furniture store.

It was quite empty when taking pictures. Well right before that, it was full of guests for sure.
You know, this place is being there over 24 years already… you can see how popular that place is.

Famous pancakes are our usual choices and mine included chocolate one in addition to plain one.

After finishing them all, I feel like I should have ordered two plain ones instead.
Maybe so in next time…

Anyhow, good relaxing time in the cafe while busy shopping! Hahaha.

At least MoonFlower bought me the afternoon dessert along with iced coffee.
No complaints from my side.
Yep, none.


Home chairs are finally selected?!

Another big shopping day? Sort of.
Showed up to the furniture place in the afternoon today.

Yeah, we were about to select what chair we are going to buy… for our house.
About time to start settling with furniture home.
Chair is this:

How do you like it?!
MF and I both love it and no alternative there is.
Thus, we would go for it.

Though, color is the issue.
Spent about several hours in the store to see which color, out of hundred of colors, should be good and fit.
Light or heavy color?! Hmmm.

That is MF's department, though.
She decides.

Then, I pay… oh boy!

Now she decides the color. I received the quote. I will sleep over it to see if okay.

Supper was at the bar we found on the way back.
Called Tokyo Whiskey Library. Interesting name, huh.
First visit to that place for both of us.

Good interior and nice stomosphere. Good service, too.

Good food. No question about it.

Quite satisfied. Reasonable as well.
Maybe we come back soon.

I will make decision on chairs tomorrow or so.

Tsumori Chisato 2023SS

Did go there for shopping!
After homework done, MoonFlower and I certainly went in for picking up what we liked.

TC House is located in Omotesando.
Very close to Swatch Store… where I found no inventory of MoonSwatch for the day.
That is okay… I am loosing all interest in that watch any longer.

Around Noon, we went in and spent about THREE hours looking around and some try-on's.

2023SS theme is about Peter Pan World!

Paying some respect, I was wearing TSUMORI CHISATO 2022AW T-shirt.

Actually, I did try on more than you just see here.
Well, you may imagine that all those you see here are NOT the ones I buy…
Those designs that I am about to place orders are still secret and share that when delivered.

Delivery starts in February and completes by April, 2023.

Yeah, long way to go for sure.

I probably order 2-3 items. NOT 4 of them… with my limited budget.
Will see.

Pre-Study for Tomorrow

About time!!! Another weekend is here after today's work!
Thank God.
I have survived another week. Still breathing. Thank God.

The does really fly and this weekend is last one in August, 2022. Oh boy!
Summer is about to pass by?!

One appointment is scheduled tomorrow.
It is about to order new clothes for next spring / summer.
Yep, it is TSUMORI CHISATO 2023SS.

Today, all design clothes are open on Internet for browsing.
Yep, it is my homework, till tomorrow, to see if I like anything in particular.
Tomorrow at noon, MoonFlower and I go into the TC shop for try-on's.

Will see which one I like and buy for next year fashion!!! Hahaha.

Body Caring by Massage

After work, I had to go to do "body maintenance."
It was about time…
My body kind ached somewhat. Very tensed for sure.

Quite tight neck and shoulders.

Did receive a 30-minute massage.
It was quite good.
Very relived and relaxed.

It was 1st time since January. Should've taken such treatment more often.
Am no longer young and taking care of my body is crucial for better well-being.
Right? Agreed? So should you. Hahaha

Last call?
Physical letter came to me from the bank in US.
First time was via email.

Same letter in different formats.

Yeah, I know, I know. I have to take care of it.
In fact, it is in the middle of process, already.
Please do no harass me on this regard!

Yeah, surely time is ticking.
Clock started on August 18th, 2022. Already passed 7 days.
How much time more?

I presume that this clock should be stopped by September 15th, 2022. That is my guess.
For what?
Will see and let you know.

It is kind of secret for now and everything is going behind the scene.

Something has to be returned to me by then. Hahaha.

Yakitori Night!

It was quite small Yakitori party with a friend.
Something definitely needed for a while.
Yeah, beer and Yakitori.

Those were just needed.
Good drinks and foods.
Good fun conversation?! (Hmm)

Anyhow, staying away from serious and stressful work is something I cannot miss.

Big / Small Pork Cutlet

After big final meeting of a project - it was my late lunch.
Went to a famous pork cutlet place… where I went before.
Of course, there was a line of customers outside the restaurant.

After long waiting, approximately 25-30 mins, here is my lunch.

Ordered "regular."

Let's compare this with last one which I ordered "premium."

Top - today "regular"
Bottom - last time "premium"

Which one is better for you?
Price different is yet minor. About 300 yen or 2.5 dollars or so.

I would definitely choose premium one hereafter for sure!!! Hahaha.

Feel empty while work's done well

One big project event was held in the morning at the hotel conference room.

All agenda was completed with positive feedback. Though, I am not quite satisfied.
How come?
Not so sure.

It was just a matter of spontaneous result… all planned and all done per plan.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Most importantly, I probably didn't put my "personal" value as my contribution.

I mean "unique" contribution. All done by me can be done by others for sure.

Plus, there is no personal "accomplishment" in the perspective of our firm.
Not sure how much that would be appreciated.
No attentions from it… that is another issue.

Anyhow, project hits another milestone and surely can move forward.
I guess, that is good news for all stakeholders… except me.
I lost motives over this.

Hmm, what shall I do hereafter? Will see.

At least big lunch made me feel better! Hahaha.

In the late afternoon, went to see my dentist for routine check-up and cleaning.

All checked out and everything was and still is okay.
No cavities or any issue found. That is least good news.

One issue found somewhere else.
My car - C coupe… I drove to the dentist back and forth today.
What is the issue?

Key doesn't respond properly. Difficult to lock and unlock the car.
Had the key re-recognized by the car and works fine for now and do not know what went wrong then.
Maybe serious mechanical issue?

If happened again soon, I should let my dealership to take a look.

After all, there is a huge fatigue on myself. In fact, I hardly slept last night.
It was rather cool temperature outside and I went to sleep while all windows open.
Well, initially thought that it was cool. Then, became humid making myself unconfortable.

Yet, forced to myself go sleep; didn't work much.

I should hit my sack soon to strengthen for next day.
Tomorrow, another project comes to a big delivery event. Final report to the president.
I have to support the deliverable and its content as much in order to be accepted.

This week, tough meetings are concentrated over the 1st half of the week.
I will be exhausted and dead by the same time tomorrow. Hahaha.
Will see. Wish me luck.

Watch Assembly Workshop

Started with gourmet food - EEL bowl / Unagi Don for brunch with MoonFlower.
Yeah, sort of slow start.
In other words, we slept in. Hahaha. Out usual Sunday it is.

Good food for sure.

Then, I went to a department store to participate some class.
It was about mechanical watch assembly workshop.
I had never ever done such before.

I am glued to watch collection as you know and I am somewhat interested in inner mechanism.

Cool set up. Make me like professional technician.

Spec sheet - front

Spec sheet - back

It was simple disassemble and re-assemble without detail work like applying oils, etc.
Worked on comparably large size mechanical watch.
Thus, condition must be determined as super simple and easy case.

Was difficult enough for me as 1st time.

In the end, my watch assembly was completed and worked as designed. Cool.
It was a great relief for sure with some pleasure.

Workshop was a matter of one hour and a half or so. Fun enough.

Maybe I should look up for other workshop kind of thing for fun and experience… yeah not bad idea.

This weekend came with full of good gourmet foods and fun. Movie was missing, though.
It has been a while since last movie saw. Need to catch up with what in theater for sure.
Maybe next weekend.

"Jurassic World" - am between go and no-go. Totally unsure.
"Minions" - definitely pass.
"Bullet Train" - definitely "go" to see for sure. Coming to theater on Sep 1st.

Maybe I should take a look at Japanese movies currently on…

Roppongi Shopping

Walked around Roppongi quite bit.
Exceeding 10,000 steps as per my Apple Watch.
Must be a good (more than enough?) exercise for sure.

Fashion for the day - put on a brand new T-shirt. Quite colorful.

MoonFlower and I walked around a huge furniture showroom.
Looking for dining table and chairs…

Our place is quite small and none of those would fit for sure. Hahaha.

Very luxury.

Interior goods are also checked out.

Tired. Healed with some sugar. Not bad idea, huh!

Dining with friends. Chinese dishes tonight.

Lots of foods served along with Chinese drinks. I took some drinks as well. Not as much as did MF, though.


Hot day but busy and yet fun day.

Watches and French

Friday is about to end.
Went out to a hotel for a meeting in the afternoon.
My attire was a bit formal. Suit and tie. And, of course, mask for Covid-19.

People, particularly men, somehow looked at me when walking by.
Probably, I look too formal unlike others…

Anyhow, meeting was quite flat and short.
On the way home, I stopped by Mitsukoshi department store where some even was going on.
"World Watch Fair 2022."

I see quite some guests were shopping even on Friday.

Paid attention to TISSOT watches, particularly green dial one.
This green one is mechanical, self-winding.

One in the middle is another green but quartz.
I thought that different specs but the same green color.
Obviously, they are not same and quartz one seems more like emerald-ish.

I wanted one with quartz and green coming from mechanical.
Too greedy, huh.

Another color-fantasy ones… not bad. My kind of taste? Maybe.

Afterwork, joined MoonFlower for supper / family dine-out to a French restaurant.
Called "mille" located in Higashi Nihombashi.
Usually hard to get seat reservation because of popularity and limited capacity.

Owner chef runs entire business by himself!

This is 2nd visit. 1st was back in May, 2022.

Started the dining with sparkling wine.

Main was of venison (deer meat). Meat comes from Hokkaido where such game / quarry took place.
Haven't had such meat for a long time, I believe.
Was quite tender and I liked it well. The Sauce coming along with meat was a good match for sure.

Now weekend has begun.

Quiet Cafe "IRUMANDO"

Escaping from the reality, I was in cafe called "IRUMANDO."
This was my 1st visit EVER.
In fact, it was one of my wish list item that I go to this cafe. Finally happened.

There is a clear and hard policy that all guest have to keep. "Quietness."

Not allowed to talk. Not allowed to bring laptop for work. Not camera flash allowed.
No major sounds because people should enjoy the quiet moment with drinks there.
Plus, you can see it is sort dark and plain place.

This was my very very late lunch… I almost missed.

Added a dessert - HUGE pudding. I could share this with someone else, actually!

20220817 Irumando イルマン堂 #cafehopping #cafeinterior #uniquecafe #カフェインテリア #個性的なカフェ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

With this 360-degree photo of Theta, you can grasp better image of space in this cafe. See?!

There is always guests waiting for seats outside…
I guess, timing was good and there was no one before me today.
Though, there was a line of guests when I came out of the cafe after coffee, breads, and big sweets.

When to be 2nd time then? Should go by luck for sure.

Hard Diet Required?!

I have been quite annoyed by this — W E I G H T.

Nowadays, my weight is no longer controllable. It stays at my life-time high.
It is due to my life style, particularly eating habits.
Plus, no exercises whatsoever.

I have to change the course of dietary habit for sure.

Will have to pay more attention to what to eat. Particularly, carb stuff. Less rice for sure.
Plus, some work-out?! Maybe.
I should watch out my belly to be smaller than now. Perhaps, sit-ups.

Will see how it all would go.

Rehab in progress

Back to work! Back to work! Back to work!

I come to find that I was one of limited number of people working today! Hahaha.
Still people are enjoying the summer time-off. In fact, it is last day of such season today.

I worked from home. No meetings (thank God!).
Clients are still off-mode for the day. Resume back from tomorrow.
I got to work today because something needed to be ready by tomorrow.

It were like rehab from vacation.
Worked on some documentation in the morning and project management in the afternoon.
Worked with some good concentration. Rehab should be lighter than expected.

By tomorrow, I should be fully operational. Hahaha. Will see.

According to the forecast, it will be another day with heat and temperature will rise. Oh boy!

Stay hydrated and cool for sure.

Limited Summer Time-Off

Spending time with my family today.
It was all about family errands.
MoonFlower and I went up to the cemetery for prayer.

It is like home coming this weekend all over Japan.
Lots of people come to get together with large family for the 1st time in 3 years.
For me, nothing special, though.

However, it is our routine for cemetery visit and we just did it.
Otherwise, we just stayed away from the heat… came right after light typhoon came by.

Major highlight for the day is nothing but the family dinner with home-made dish.

Since MoonFlower and I live far from each other, rare to come to eat home dish prepared by her.
Yeah, very home food and ordinary one for everyone.
Though, this is really great stuff.

It is ginger pork. Yum yum.

Good food definitely brings some energy to me for sure.
Yeah, summer time-off is about to be ended… things should be back to normal from tomorrow one
Will see how things would go for me and I should enjoy whatever.

Stay positive and keep having fun…shall I?

New fan needed?

Stayed home for safety…since typhoon was expected.
Well, it was not that bad until the evening.
Thus, I could have gone out…

Staying home all day was sufficient to do many things like washing clothes and bathroom cleaning.
Plus, searching lots of different things on Internet.
I found this… which I saw in department store the other day…

Japanese fan. Cool, huh!

MoonFlower liked it and I almost bought when saw it.
Maybe I should place an order of this fan soon?!

My current fan is about to be worn out. It has been used for almost 10 years or something like that.

Do you like it?!

It is about 100 bucks. Sort of expensive fan it is.

As close as I could get

Close enough?
Dropped by Swatch Shop in Omotesando.
There was a line inside… for popular MoonSwatch.

I guess, I was very last one and got offered "PINK."
NOT what I wanted.

I want pale blue, yellow/gold, or green.

Don't know of next chance… but decided to PASS today…

Finally processing new passport

My passport has been expired since February, 2021.
Yeah, it was all about Covid-19…
No needs of having passport since no plans to go overseas.

Today, I went to an office for passport application. Finally, done. Hahaha.
Next week, I come to receive new one then.
Thereafter, I can go anywhere if necessary.

Diagnosed as "Watch Crazy"

You can tell me or even call me, "Watch Crazy."

Yeah, am so attached and addicted to watch collection like this one. Hard to refuse.
Very adorable. Very.
What else can I tell?


Drinks and Taver Hopping

Big drink night!!!
MoonFlower and I went out for nothing but just drinking.
Rarely, we hit to the Tsukishima area.

Very Japanese taste-like interior, isn't it?!

Sake, sake, sake!

Hopping to another tavern.

Very local foods only, tonight.

Very country goods… hahaha.

You see that it is usually MoonFlower and I go out to modern restaurant type places.
Though, we still like this kind of old-fashion places, too!

At least, we always have HUGE appetite for good stuff. Hahaha.