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Big Salad Plate for Health

Went in to a cafe in Kanda Square.
"Point Et Ligne" bakery is quite famous and this is 1st time in 2 months for me.

20210829 POINT ET LIGNE Kanda Square #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Varieties of breads along with big salad plate.

Needed some fresh vegetables for my health.
I guess, my current eating habit relied upon quick and easy stuff, mainly.
Thus, this is small resistance to the way it is for my own pace of life.

Became full after all. This plate was quite large. I am no longer a big eater!!!

Early Bird for What?

Showed up to a local cafe around 8:30am. Very early for me to start a weekend like this.

Unison Tailor NINGYOCHO - I came here last time when closed. Second time.

20210828 Unison Tailor Nigyocho #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Wanted to have this French toast along with iced coffee.

From 10 o'clock, went to haircut. Now got quite short hair because of hot weather.

Stopped by Mitsukoshi again for World Watch Fair.
Checked in at BREGUET for Marina watches.

Cool stuff they are for sure.

Even after returning home, watched talk show live from the Fair.
Interesting topic covers the brand strategies of different groups.

Stayed home at night…

Pizza and Booze

Weekend begins.
Worked late for Friday night and wanted to eat something easy and quick.

Picked up a slice of pizza and cup of booze for my supper!!!

Yeah, junk food party by myself…

Watch Watches and Movie

Pro vs. Home-cooking?

Records for today's lunch and supper.
Dine-out at French restaurant and home dining, respectively.

Happened to be at a French restaurant where we have never been before.
It was yet casual French dining… not only food but also service was quite so.

Food seemed very decorative. Taste was good.

Pork dish as main was good as well.
No big disappointment. Though, no major impression, either.
Overall, mediocre?! Oh boy.

For dinner, home dining took place with good wine.

This is MoonFlower's selection. Am sure that this is not cheap / reasonable one.

Wine went very well with six different cheeses.

And beef to complete.

What complaints? What about it?
Good home dining and maybe this is much better off with this… I bet.


Now Fully Recovered!

Fever is gone!
Body regained the strength!

Now… finally headache is just gone!

Yeah, am back. Am really back!

This is image. Not of real me, though. Haha.

Vaccine's side-effect is here for now

I guess, I am an average person since really coming to have side-reaction / side-effect of being vaccinated.

Body is dull and heavy… I am sure that I have fever… even though it is not that high, I guess.

"I guess" - because I cannot tell for sure and how much fever I have.

Well, there is no (body) thermometer home!!! Haha. True.

I stay easy and keep things low for all day. Attended business meetings, though.

2nd Vaccine Completed

At 11:15am, 2nd anti-Corona vaccine shot is given at work.
Yep, same as 1st one, it is Moderna one.

As per media, it is quite common and 3 out of 4 people to experience the side reaction.
Hope I get least…

Went to work for shot as casual as possible:

48-year-old "OLD" man should not look so funky?!


Extended Weekend Is Over!

Monday is off and now over…

Lunch came quite late and MoonFlower and I selected ramen noodles.

Usagiya in Ningyocho was not crowded at all in the middle of afternoon.

Good stuff as usual.

For the rest of afternoon, I got glued to the TV for watching drama.
Nothing special except:

Watch maintenance and coating ops while watching TV.
My hobby time!

Keep Drinking?!

Olympic Games now come to an end.
New cloth got just delivered.

This is for MoonFlower. Definitely feminine fashion.
Still early to dress this because it is still hot.
Maybe in September or even October?!

Opened a bottle of wine for family supper.
Oremus - Mandolas 2018 from Hungary.
Rare to find Hungarian wine? Probably so.

Peach and prosciutto. Perfectly matched to the wine

After this dish, big chicken came and filled my stomach.

It is a short holiday / extended weekend, we shall keep drinking!

F9 and Italian Cuisine

Fast and Furious and good Italian cuisine followed.
Pretty damn good day for me.

Luxurious dinner along with pairing wines.
Great family dinner took place.

Big meeting is now over

Project event took place in the afternoon.
Went well as planned. Better than anticipated, maybe.

Well, at least I survived and continue to work on this project at least for a while.

Focused? Not So Focused?

Here is the record of my "sabotage."

Work? What about it?

Still Needed?

Stress relief?!

Need to depend upon such alcohol for work?!