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April 2022

Avengers Station

My 49th "Booze-Free" BD!

Thank you for your BD wishes to me… who turned to be 49 darn years old for now.
Too fast… too quick.
Yet, am healthy like crazy. Thank GOD.

MoonFlower gave me a message that I should enjoy myself, as much, for last year of 40's.
She is darn right.
For work and private, I should be more active and positive.

Don't you agree?

Will see how I can turn this year to be fun part of my life!

Birthday "Roll" Cakes

Sloppy Sunday it is. So what?!

Breakfast? Lunch?
Brunch then.

GaGa Milano watch is just back in from the repair.
Repair cost seems to be outrageous to me. Well, that is part of brand strategy, I guess.
Well, this is 1st repair / overhaul after having 8 years in my possession.

Maybe shouldn't complain too much since doesn't happen too often.

Treat or Treat is online sweet shop which delivered cakes for my birthday.
MoonFlower ordered.

Cute deign box

Two Rolls.

One is plain and the other is lemon.
This web shop is famous for lemon cakes.
Yeah, this is very good cakes!

Birthday Celebration, Already

Cafe Hopping: "DIXANS" in Ningyocho

Still Tuesday?! Unbelievable!
I feel like would have been Thursday or so.
What's wrong with me then?

Showed up to a cafe called "DIXANS" in Ningyocho area.

Really like the view from the window.

Brown sugar toast along with coffee made my day for sure.
This toast was really good. I may come back sooner.

20220419 Dixans 人形町 #カフェ #cafehopping #カフェ巡り #日本橋カフェ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Still Tuesday, huh.
Will see how I can survive through the whole week…

Busy Saturday

Watch, Movie, and Dinner