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April 2021

(my) BD Dinner came early...

My birthday family dinner took place at favorite sushi place this evening.

Do Next?!

I left two currently-on-going projects behind for the day.
I know, I do not have such luxury.
There were just no chance since appointment with new customer was held.

Before hitting outside for appointment, I spent several hours with new grads.
They are candidates for future employment.
One Japanese and the other was American, I presumed.

Taking to such youngsters reminded me of my old days.
Very nostalgic, isn't it?!

Very fine day in Tokyo. Perfect for going out for fun, not for the meeting.
I dressed up a bit with small charm on collar.

My fashion… kind of. Hahaha.

Was the meeting okay? Yeah, better than expected.
We've got three homework that I have to work on.
Maybe second half of this year could be quite packed. Potentially.

Well, I'd better take good care of current projects, first. Right? Think so-

He is still same cool man!

Old friend and ex-boss is still dong great!
That is awesome news just found.
Today's afternoon was s small reunion.

Ex-boss Takashima is now retired at 67 years old.
Still energetic and active… my role model as an retired individual.
Cool man, he is.

We had a good lunch and coffee together in Sunday afternoon.

I should have had called him up much earlier for this.
I certainly did promise him to come up with another occasion for dining or even drinking.
So great to see his face and all the talk we had today!

Another Delivery Just Being Made

Since MoonFlower is back home over this weekend, I am quite well cared.
Particularly, about the diet.

Good salad… just as needed.
Didn't take picture; but the supper was also rich for me.
Healthy and great taste… what else do I want?!

Another delivery was just made in the middle of afternoon.
Mostly stuff for MoonFlower. Though, included one shirt for me:

New kind of color for me… usually I do not pick such.
New challenge here and will see.

My schedule seems to be packed this week with big event on Friday.
Before big holiday season starting at the end of month, the event seems to be the major concern.
Otherwise, I can go into vacation in peace.

Working on two different projects, I have to control myself and make sure that I am ready for both, respectively.
Careful scheduling is a key for achieving both well.

Will see how they would go with me.

Back in Town. New Shirts Just In

Back to Tokyo in this afternoon.

Supper was catered by Uber Eats.
Hot spicy Chinese noodles.

Extra spicy. Quite hot and spicy for me.

MoonFlower has ordered shirts and they got delivered, already.

One for her and the other for me.
Yeah, we select same style t-shirts for both of us. Crazy?! Maybe.
One on the right is mine.

Will be in Ogaki soon for Golden Week (April 29th - May 6th).

1st Business Trip in 2021

Business trip to Kyoto.
1st time in this year… 1st time for such a long time, too.

Destination is Kyoto for business meeting.
Was it a good meeting?
Let's say that it was not the meeting that I had to lead. Thus, I was quite relaxed… but the meeting driving then was quite frustrating.

Not straight back to Tokyo.
Decided to spend a night with my mother in Ogaki.

I checked in and she is quite fine. Good news.