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April 2020

Kei Tanaka over Higa Manami

Back to work from Tuesday.
Well, didn't go too tough on me and it went like nothing.
Is that good or bad sign? Hmm, I bet that it is latter one. Though, cannot complain.

Relaxed after work and watched TV…

Saw Actor Kei Tanaka on the program and he is one of favorite actors for MoonFlower.
I am more than sure that she watched the same program.
I don't think she would ever possibly can afford to miss it.

In fact, my favorite actress Manami Higa on the same TV program.
Because of different popularity level, Kei Tanaka held dominant position of exposure to the TV camera.
Too bad!

Happened to see Instagram Live by some young celebrity.
Actually, it was 1st time to see the live show on Instagram by such famous fellows.
Until this, I have seen only ones by friends and my account followers.

Topics was very casual and nothing special.
Just two girls lasted their girls' talk for nothing.
Well, I guess, they sound very much friendly to their fans who are happy to see girls on live.

Maybe I should check out other live shows by other / favorite celebrity.

MoonFlower rated that this is well balanced.
Really? Not so sure.

Plus dessert.
I could have done better job pouring strawberry source over the cheesecake.
It could look much better or fancier for my appetite. Hahaha.

Will do better job next time if ever come again like that.

Finally Ready for Wokring from Home to her

Monday is over… without working at all.
Since I made this as substituted work day, it was my free day.
However, I observed (read, actually) my work emails time to time. Usual habit.

Body temperature in this morning: 35.3 degrees C —> 95.54 degrees F.

Wait. Seems to be lower than should be… However, better than high fever for sure.
Just wonder how come so. Not so sure. Wrong way of doing the measure? Hmm.

Another rainy day reminded me of past Saturday.
Well, my car got soaked… but good effect from great body coating.
I like to see rain drops get off the car body like that. Isn't that cool?

I like to keep car clean…
Once those rain drops get dried, that makes car dirty again.
Time to go car wash once cleared up.

I usually do car wash by hand… by myself.
Under corona influence, not too sure that it is good idea to spend 40-50 minutes for car wash?
My car wash place is actually in the under ground car parking space and air does flow much.

Maybe I should go in to gas station for car wash by staff, instead. That would be much safer? Donno.
What would you think?

Since MoonFlower took off to work, I stayed home. Did nothing except watching "SUITS."
Well, that can be viewed on Hulu or U-NEXT. I subscribe them both for video streaming.



That is an obvious difference in image quality. U-NEXT is much better off like that.
Good finding.
Actually, I read such cretique on some web out there… now I see the truth.

Around 5:30pm, picked up MoonFlower at her office.
Along with computer bag, document bag, etc.
Not much of stuff, though.

After supper, I helped her to set the remote working environment.
Well, it was very easy…
Up to the VPN connection, everything went fine like a charm!

Great. My responsibility is well taken.

Oh boy, this cellphone is new but old style / form.
I didn't even know that such style was still around.
Interesting to know.

For that, MF was provided for work purpose calls.
She must be running one decade behind me, I guess.
From tomorrow, MF is finally working from home.

Government declared the State of Emergency about 2 weeks ago…
and now she's ready to comply.

How to spend my 200 bucks?

Another corona quiet weekend is gone.
Staying home pretty much all day long except grocery shopping.
Pretty boring, isn't it?

Well, should be complaining so much. Got used to it no matter what.

In Japan, all sports events are being cancelled just like other countries.
Except one… horse racing is still open.

Of course, fans cannot go to the race track.
In fact, races take place without fans at the sight.
You can bet online and that is the only way to have fun.

Well, I am not too sure that it is still called sports.
Rather, should be called publicly-allowed gambling. That is more accurate.

From last year, I started horse race betting with 100 bucks.
That is the base budget and if runs out of that money, that will be it.
However, last race of last year brought some kind of beginners' luck.

Budget went up to 270.

I have very simple rules for myself.

- Betting on G-1 (grade-one; top) race only
- Betting 20 bucks max. per race
- If won, the winning money is to put together with original budget for rolling

This year, not so much luck because I pressed luck to only small ones.
Today race was typical one.

I bet and won 2 bucks on "Win" and dividend was of 6 bucks or so.
No winnings out of "Place" bet.
Loss of the day was about 14 bucks since betting full 20 bucks.

Just like that.

How do I determine the betting?
Do I read any handicapping? Odds?
Not at all. Well, maybe a little. Though, I am not competent at all.

Everything is out of my hunch or intuition. It is.

Is that my way to have fun? So far, yes. Will see how this would go.
Maybe easily run out of the budget… maybe not.

Wish me luck!

Takeout: Uhei (Japanese Cuisine)

Weekend started, quietly.
Actually, not so much because of rainy weather.
Not like drizzling - heavy rain like tyhoon were around!

Kept watching favorite drama "SUITS" and now I come to Season 7. Almost catching up to date.
I'd better looking for another entertainment that would last for a while like SUITS.
Any recommendation?

I'd pass "King of Throne." Watched a bit… didn't last.

Stopped by Ginza area for picking up take-out foods for supper.
Then, rushed in to MoonFlower's place.
Traffic was of course light.

Big dinner it is!

All dishes are by Ginza restaurant called "UHEI" serving Japanese foods.
Except lamb chop… I made a personal favor to the Uhei chef. Thank you!!!

Takeout package even include the dessert.
Chef's cheesecake is another good one for me. Look very plain but taste deep.

Boring night turned to be fun night thanks to gorgeous foods by "Uhei."

After all COVID-19 stuff gone, we ought to go back for dine-in just like used to be.

This is found!!!

Another domestic day here…
Now State of Emergency is called for entire nation…
Things are much quieter than ever.

Working from home is no longer big deal and I have good pace of doing it.
Plus, I have to do something more.
Outside the work, I revisit to my book shelves to see what can stay or go.

Yeah, time for organizing my place and space.

Plastic model box was found out in the deep side of bookshelf!!!
It is of Gundam series. This particular model called "GELGOOG."
Not yet built yet. Very new.

That means, I can do self-entertaining by building this model up.
Maybe over this weekend?
Will see.

Good treasure hunting today. Hahaha.

Watching Out My Diet???

Thursday is over. One more day before weekend.
Though, things are not as exciting as much.
Work was quite flat and I have no complaint whatsoever.

It was quite packed yesterday.

Only one time I went out. Walked around the block. It was for fresh breathe.
Plus, picked up my lunch. Usually routine.

Pho noodles were my lunch.
In fact, this is pretty good stuff.
Low calories and tasty. What else?

Since staying home all the times, my pedometer doesn't show good number at all,
I have to watch out my diet…
At least, the choice of lunch does help… a bit.

Oops, this does't help, though.
Alcohols carry high calories. Doesn't it?

I cannot find any energy going out for 2nd time to grab foods or any grocery.
Thus, my supper became rather simple.
Then ended up with whisky in glass.


Life under COVID-19 Influence

Still threat is out there… STAY HOME.
Another domestic day for me and everybody.
Worked from home another day.

Well, people may think that I am in pj while working.
Actually not.

Still changed and wore casual clothes like this. See!

Very flat today. No hassle. No urgency of any kind.

Since MoonFlower stays in different location, I have to do all domestic chores by myself.
Including washing dishes, of course.

Hmm, chores are not of my favorite at all.
That is usually MF's role.
With MF, I only do the bathroom cleaning everyday. Sometime, toilet cleaning.

Other than those, I (heavily) rely on MF for doing all. Yes, that is the truth.

Now, it is entirely on my own and no choice whatsoever.
I have to clean the kitchen sink like that… oh boy, that is surely a bother.
Because she does such everyday without any complaint, that is really something.

Am very thankful. Living in cleanness is a such big deal for sure. More than I really thought.

Seen on TV and it was right!

Darn busy day. No complaints. No words.
What a day.
Though, all this keep myself busy somehow so that I can feel normal.

Today, There are new 161 cases of COVID-19 infections founded.
Under control? I doubt it.
How severe is this? Who knows.

Throughout the busy working from home today, came to my lunch quite late.
Plus, no energy to go out to grab the food.
Instead, I relied upon the cup noodle. Not regular one. Hot and spicy stuff.

Plus, some arrangement.

Adding the "NATTO" or fermented soybeans.

This is more than just great stuff. LOVE IT!
Actually, this arrangement is seen on TV. In fact, aired last year or so.
However, I happened to see it on TV recently. Must be re-run.

Since then, I have been highly motivated to experiment on my own and here it is!

What a quite day it was but not so bad because of this cup noodle arrangement.

This did save my day!!!

Work gets done at late night because of some documentation to complete in addition to international call late night.
Everything is done and I am sort of exhausted. Long day surely it was.
Maybe better result is expected out of working my butt off???

Will see. Sure hope so.

Takeout: La Clairirere (French Cuisine)

MoonFlower's food discovery continues for our supper tonight.

I cannot resist to open one of champagne bottles in my shelf for home dinner tonight.
Veuve Clicquot was on the table with great foods.

MF selected to pick takeout from La Clarirere located in Shirokane Takanawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo.

In fact, we have been there for dine-in twice ever. Though, haven't been there for several years.
During that time, that French got awarded single star by Michelin!!!
Sure that it is great foods.

Never done any takeout before… same as yesterday's restaurant… everyone has to go to the takeout.
Here it is:

Foods with champagne was nothing but perfect.
Hurts much to my wallet… I'd better think and feel the pain tomorrow, not today! Hahaha.

Takeout: Osteria Radici (Italian Cuisine)

Staying home, staying home, staying home…
That is only the theme of life?
Under COVID-19, there is no other choice.

However, we can go "FOODs" as much.
Yeah, good foods do shed the light on the current life.

We come to the takeout foods by Osteria Radici - Italian restaurant.
That place usually does not do any takeout. All for dine-in.
Like others, this place continues its business wit shift to the takeout… here it is:

Even opened a bottle of wine with food brought in.
This was French wine… does that matter? Hahaha.

Yes, the choice was right!!!
Well, I have to thank MoonFlower who is very keen on such information out of the place started do take-out foods.


This means that MF is all over the information from MANY DIFFERENT places to list up so that we keep going on such fancy foods.
It means $$$.
Wait. That can be another disaster after COVID-19!!!

Winning Ticket?

Another stay-home day for me.
Working from home for Day 11.

Government of Japan is now (finally) considering to declare the state of emergency.
Probably announce it tomorrow to be effective from the day after.
Well, Tokyo lock-down is not the same as one in New York or Italy.

Not enforcing or mandatory at all.
Actually, still request.
No penalty if you still do against the request.

Yet it is questionable how much it would effect to control virus spread.
Better than nothing, though.

I guess, government would approach to the public transportation to limit the operation capacity.
That would be a big constrain to people going out.
Maybe, early operation close and partial service to come.

Supper was alone… again…

Not fancy as how MoonFlower usually prepares the food…

Some drink followed. Not bad… actually great "Hibiki" bottle.

Winning ticket was in my hands from the weekend.
I bought more than several betting tickets for horse racing and some of them turned to be winning ones.

Betted 1600 yen or 15 dollars and 3520 yen or 33 dollars returned.
Not bad, huh.
How come I betted very small like that? Good question. I do never plan to do big.

Small and that is fun and entertainment. Not serious gambling or any kind.
You know what I am getting at?
That is the way I have fun in horse racing betting.

Another big (actually bigger than this) race is to come this weekend… will see.

Out for Digging Bamboo Shoots

No pictures from actual digging… though, we secured more than several bamboo shoots for supper.
Yeah, what an outing, huh.
MoonFlower and her sister insisted to go out for it because it is time.

When we went into the bush, tons of holes dug were there, already.
Too late?
Sort of.

However, I was told how to look for the young bamboo shoots to hunt.
Instantly, several of them were found.
Finding bamboo shoots is one thing. Digging it out from the ground is another.

Digging wasn't that simple workload.
MF insisted that it was part of daily exercise.
Oh boy, that is even tough on me. I do not get exercise at all.

Too bad that I didn't take any picture.
In fact, I left my iPhone in the car and didn't get a chance to.

Well, turned out… the supper came along with bamboo shoots

Very traditional Japanese bamboo shoots plate.
Great seasonal food it is.

Only the concern left for now is that I come to muscle ache by tomorrow or so.
Hope that it wouldn't be that bad… will see.

Late night, I drove back in town of Tokyo. Very light traffic and smooth then.

Infection case counted up to 142 in Tokyo added to the whole (accumulated) number.
Oh boy, acceleration is realizing…
Will see how soon the lock-down of Tokyo is to be declared. Maybe in a few days?

Tokyo is going to be next New York City?!

Coronavirus Relief

Weekend just started. Though, things are quite unusual like everywhere else.
Governor of Tokyo repeatedly emphasized that we should stay home over weekend.
Thus, decided to join MoonFlower for spending time in this weekend outside Tokyo.

Yes, escaping from Tokyo it is.

I had to bring MoonFlower's stuff for living. So that was actually the main task.

Here is 360-degree video while driving through the metro highway to see how road is empty:

Quite unusual, huh. It is.

Even brought old Apple TV to MF's place and installed.
Well, she has no extra channels on TV and at least Apple TV can hook to Hulu.
That should be some relief to MF for her entertainment.

Additionally, MoonFlower is planning to get food delivery for supper today.
That was actually great surprise and perfect to such environment.
One of favorite restaurants of ours now does catering service.

Restaurant called "CLOUD NINE" brought food home around 3pm. Since then, our festivity lasted throughout the day!

Perfect stuff and we all were full with great food and wine.
Wine is not included. Somehow, we had good wine in stock there. Why? Not sure… but good surprise for sure.

On top, the cost is covered by MoonFlower. I cannot complain whatsoever. You know what I mean!!!

Great dinner and good relief from Coronavirus condition.

Boring Friday? Boring Everyday?

Finally, Friday!
Well, being home all the times like this, we have no sense of time or day of the week.
Yes, it is Friday…

Came to a Zoom video meeting with colleagues form previous project.
Yes, PREVIOUS project means that that project is no longer active. In fact, completed for good.
It was rather great catch-up to see how all friends are doing on their own.

Some were still active under ongoing project.
Some others are totally bored because of no assignments whatsoever.
There is big difference and contrast from different conditions that my colleagues face for now.

For young colleagues, it is critical how she or he spends time for now.
Coronavirus surely extends this kind of condition for all to work.
After a long period of time like this, people can be good and competent consultant if trained well enough.

I even offered a personal coaching to one of colleagues who declared "bored."
Will see what to do next week… at least extra efforts may work well for her.
I probably should offer similar stuff to others if time does allow.

All depend upon how long this disaster would last.

Picked up small donuts for afternoon break.
Staying home and working from home accelerate the calorie consumption for sure. Bad sign.
I ought to be extra careful. Are you?

Good stuff just arrived. Latest issue of "Chronos" watch magazine it is.
I can kill my time reading page to page, cover to cover!

Have safe and easy weekend, y'all!

Nothing but Appreciation?

Week of appreciation -

Since MoonFlower is gone out of town as family separation against coronavirus,
all domestic chores are entirely on my own.

As you may know of me in real life, I cannot cook and hardly do any chore.
In other words, I totally depend upon MoonFlower doing all domestic stuff for family.
Having said, she is gone. All dependable hands are no longer available.

So I have to feed myself, clean dishes, and do laundry.
This is 4th day from the separation, it is time for me do laundry in addition to other chores.
One stuff after another… things are rather complicated.

Why? Simply because I have to stay away from TV doing something else.
It is definitely time for me to appreciate how much "dedicated" MoonFlower has been.
Oh boy, lots of work they are.

Work was quite flat and makes me ready for weekend. Tomorrow things shouldn't be that bad.

Went outside the home once… Wait. Twice, actually.
Picked up a lunch box and went in to convenience store for quick shopping.
Both are done in my neighbor. Very quick trips.

I still cannot afford to go far. I concern the public transportation most.

After work and all chores done including bed making, "Suits (season 5)" is my choice on TV.
I like this dram series. Fun to watch.

Reminding myself to watch some pandemic movie. That is my plan for coming weekend.

Try to lean something or at least experience something from the movie "Contagion" (2011):

Have you seen this movie ever before? Any thought on current coronavirus stuff?
In fact, I just watched a Japanese pandemic movie. Right before "Suits." It was quite interesting.
Am sure that "Contagion" is another story to learn about what to expect in near future.

Don't you think?

Today's number of infection cases in Tokyo was 97 - another record high.
No doubt that Tokyo is going right after New York unless no countermeasures are to be taken.

No April Fool, Please!

There is no serious April Fool joke at all.
Thank Goodness because of the challenge we all face right now.
We are truly hoping that we can really laugh and smile to each other soon after all this.

Stayed home all day except one outing to convenience store for coffee pick-up.
Being home is quiet for me unless TV or music is on.
My place in apartment building is rather quiet and there is no much noise from the others.

It was much worse in previous place. Noise was constantly coming from one floor above ours.
Maybe current building is better constructed. Noise of any kind is not much existed.

That is why I put large volume from my speaker on web meeting while working?
That is pretty much good and easy to work.
I hope that I am not creating any noise to neighbors.

Maybe I should be careful.

Today's working from home tied me up a bit. It means that I was somewhat busy.
One meeting in the morning, another 4 in the afternoon, and one last at late night.
No wonder that I didn't reply received emails much quicker than I usually do.

Maybe better organized and effectively tomorrow… let's say, better under control.

Infections of 66 cases found in Tokyo today. The number seems small at this point. However, it is accelerating for sure.
Oh boy.

I hope efforts between MoonFlower and I to be just in vain. You know what I mean.