New Audi A5

Finally, I come to see this car for the first time after waiting for a long time.
Brand new - Audi A5!
This is really cool.

By far, A5 looks better than any other car in Audi line-up except R8. That is solely my opinion.
Very stylish and strong in the appearance.




Didn't see the inside. But am sure that it is great rather than good.
Well, price-wise, it is pretty good and expensive, unfortunately.
Yeah, I have to admit that I cannot afford it at all. That is for sure.

The Fate of the Furious

Awesome movie!!!


Original title is, as you know, The Fate of the Furious and "FF8 (Fast and Furious Series #8)."
While, easy local name for this movie in Japanse as:
WILD SPEED. Subtitle is "ICE BREAK."

So when you talk about this movie to any Japanese friends, make sure that you call "Wild Speed."
Am sure that most of the cases, your Japanese friends do understand what movie you talk about.

Cannot wait FF9 and even 10… how far this "Family" can go? Hehehe.

Fukuoka: Done!

Okay, the job is done! Just back in Town.
2 nights 3 day trip to Fukuoka is completed and time for party!!!
My Golden Week 2017 is now started.

I have 9-day holiday here!!!



How did the Fukuoka job go? Good question! Who cares? At least it is done.
I should move forward and never mind how things were in the past.
That is the way I should think and do for now since holiday is here.

You know what I mean. Am sure that you do agree with me.

Fukuoka: Headset Works!

20170427_1 20170427_2

20170427_3 20170427_4

Fukuoka: One More Time

Another business trip is to begin today. For Fukuoka this time.
Well, how many times have I been on Fukuoka trip so far?
At least in this year, this is 3rd time.


Wow, almost every month I go to Fukuoka for business. Oh boy, I am busy! Hahaha.


1:30pm I catch an airport shuttle bus.


Late lunch at the airport. This fish bowl was pretty fresh and good.
Though, it was pricey. 2,000 yen.

20170426_3 20170426_4

Then flight.

20170426 リッチモンドホテル福岡天神 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Hotel room is pretty clean and cozy. No mistake in such selection this time. Hahaha.
Okay, I have to get ready for next 2 days now.
Wish me luck.

44th Birthday

April 25th - another time… another birthday of mine!
Now I am 44 years old.
Yeah, really middle-age, already. Am definitely not young anymore.

Though, at least I should feel like young! Hahaha.


I picked up this watch for this day… Cartier Santos 100.
No meeting with client. I picked what I want.
That is why this gorgeous watch can be on my wrist.

I cannot forget one more person on this day. My mother who has same birthday… TODAY.


She sent me photo of flowers that I sent for her.
Look good!

April 25th passed by in peace. That is all needed.
What's ahead in the 44th year of my life?
Will see.

What is my next car?

Went to a car dealer for test drive…
In fact, visited two different dealers for same purpose.
Wow, buying new car is indeed coming up so soon?


Not so fast!
Those two dealers gave me the estimate on new car… the amount was rather high (still expected so).
Oh boy new car doesn't come easily.

What car by the way?

Today I did a test drive with:

1. BMW - 320d - diesel engine: good but noisy
2. BMW - 320i - gasoline engine: good and sporty
3. Mercedes-Benz CLA180 - not roomy inside
4. Mercedes-Benz C 180 - very soft drive, luxury

Hmmm, all are expensive and do not know what we want. Hahaha.


Good Indian restaurant was for lunch. First visit to this restaurant… very crowded place. Must be popular.
We should come more and taste all different curry types.
Good choice we made. Not too far from home.

Visiting dealers for test drive certainly makes a day shorter.
Any advice?

Working Saturday

I had to complete the training… which was mandatory…
So I had to sacrifice my precious Saturday for it.


It was good training. Though, I talked too much.
I should have been quite and let things go… Hahaha.
I represent group work too often. I should have done less.

Reunion with Kirk

Reunion with old friend over the supper tonight.
It was Kirk Mizukoshi. Kirk and I have been friends since time in Atlanta, USA.
We used to work in the same industry and had lots in common.

Played softball together and had lots of drinks together.
Since he married and became father of a sweet pretty daughter, didn't have chance to see each other.
Finally, we made a good reunion!

20170421_2 20170421_3
20170421_4 20170421_5

Went to 2 different places for food and drink. Turning out to be a long night! Hahaha.
Kirk knows the area very well and knows good places!
Thanks to him, we came to decent foods tonight.

Talk was surely endless and we promised that we had to do this more often.

Numazu: Finished!

Okay, done! Now back in Tokyo.
Two trips within the week is pretty tough and rough!
At least things were good and understood by client.

Only one bad news…


I have to let this suit go since they are pretty worn out, already.
I like this pair pretty much. One of my favorites.
Too bad.

Numazu: Movie while Business Trip

Hahaha… joke became true!
Finished today's work around 5pm and had some time off.


Quick supper at hotel. Cup noodles.
Then, went to movie theater.


Still wearing suits. Hahaha.


Watched "Kong Skull Island."
Not bad… story with good visual. But still unreal. Hahaha.
Cannot wait "Godzilla vs. Kong" which is next after this.

Numazu: Another Trip

One trip just finished yesterday and another come up today!
Now moving to Numazu for another trip.


Checked in to the hotel.
Dawn it… this choice was not right.
Next time, I should not choose this hotel because of the location. Room itself is not bad at all.

20170405 静鉄ホテルプレジオ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

I found that there is a movie theater nearby…
If I got job done early… I may get a chance to see movie?
Will see.

Toyohashi: Done!

Another big breakfast on 2nd day.
Great view this time since I got seat near the window.


This time, western menu for breakfast.

20170404_2 20170404_3


Wow, another heavy stuff!!!
But this was good enough for me to last entire day with energy and finished the job well.


Back to Tokyo! Via bullet train.

Toyohashi: Huge Breakfast

Pretty nice hotel that I am staying!



Huge breakfast served. This is included.
Man, it was really over-eating. Too much food.


And then good view from the room.
Large place on left-hand side is Toyohashi Station.
Okay, time to get back to work!

Toyohashi: Fun and Work on the Same Day

Went to Tokyo Dome for baseball game and then traveled down to Aichi for Monday job.


My Dragons were awful… lost the game badly!

東京ドーム 巨人対中日 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Down to Toyohashi.
Pretty decent hotel as per reputation.

ホテルアークリッシュ豊橋 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Even has a lounge for guests.

ホテルアークリッシュ豊橋 15階ラウンジ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Now I have to get ready for tomorrow.