Project Finish

Today - last working day of the month turned to be last working day with THIS client.
Per contract, I have to "take off" from the project.
Not sure that this client would continue this efforts with our firm; though, it is sure that I have to move on.

From May, next project with another client is due up.

Lots of deliverables created by myself and it seems that client did appreciate what I have contributed.
Until today, things were not so stable… Rather, it were rally… many ups and downs.
At the end, things are calm and okay.

I guess, I'd better call it "good finish." Not too much asking for. Hahaha.

Anyway, this finance project was (still is) very interesting and good experience for me.
Now move on to CRM (customer relationship management) project.
Hope I can come to another good experience.

Wish me luck!

43rd Birthday

Now 43… what is going to happen in next 365 days???

Even busier?

Will see and I should enjoy every moment no matter what happens.
I should be who and how I am. No change. Stay still.
And… stay cool! Hahaha

BD Celebration

Asked MoonFlower for shoes. Yeah, wanted to have black leather shoes for work.
We went out for shopping to Omotesando and bought this pair:


Not too expensive… reasonably priced. A bit casual… but look cool.
Now am ready to turn 43… tomorrow. Hahaha.

Big 21oz Steak for Challange

Project members and I went to restaurant after work tonight.
It was my treat for those two young lady consultants who worked so hard along with me.
They wanted to eat meat… so this is picked!


600g or 21oz steak for three.
Big piece of meat to be served and obviously, it was exciting for both ladies.
Good! Better than good… great!

Black Card Invitation?

Wow, so suddenly. Received this black invitation for black card.


Rakuten now sends me an invitation to me for joining black card membership.
Why me?

This black card membership charges 30,000 yen or approximately 300 dollars for annal membership.
Too darn expensive!
I do not think that I can be fully privileged with such benefits of black card.

Therefore, no application. I do not apply. Hahaha.

My Family and I are SAFE!

Just quick note here for you…

My family and I are safe and okay even though there was a big earthquake hit Kumamoto - southern part of Japan.

Kumamoto is far from Tokyo and I have no relatives or friends in that area.

Though, another big earthquake after 3-11 which was in 2013… sounds scary.

Double Work

New week started very quietly.
That means that there is a big storm coming up? Surely, hope not.
Well, today clients do understand and agreed with my approach. Things were peachy.

Not only one client but two clients. Just a coincidence? Wierd. Hahaha.

Since I have been a management consultant for long enough, I am not easily convinced with such. Something would go wrong soon. That is what I am thinking.

April is difficult time for me since I have to finish and hand over to some other and start new one with different client from May.
I feel guilty... extremely because I do leave the current project which is still in the middle of process. In a matter of fact, Time for May onwards seems every more critical for success of the project.

How come? It is not my philosophy that I quit something before the end to move forward.
It is a long story.
To make it short, I was supposed to take the project starting in May back in Mach.
Due to this delay, the timing of shift is been adjusted accordingly.

In other words, I was not supposed to stay too long on current projecct.

Double work at least for today.
I received emails from both clients and worked on them, simultaneously.
Will see how far I can do such... managed well at least for the day. Hahaha.

My health seems under control with medicine.
Good, it works now.
Not sure what happened last week. Though, I feel being old... much older than before.

At least my Saturday morning chasing after receiving medicine is paid off with positive result.


LIXIL - do you know of this brand?
Japan's biggest house material manufacturer. It provides all kind of exterior / interior material for home building.

Same as previous weekend, we went out a showroom. Another one.
LIXIL Tokyo Showroom for a guided tour in the morning.
MoonFlower has specific taste on decorating the wall in the living room at new place.

Oh boy... what is going to be?

Anyway, we learned two products.
Eco-karat and Eco-karat Plus.
They are the material can be used for interior - particularly on the wall.

Now selection of color and design. That is a big task on MoonFlower.
For me? Simply, pay. Yeah, payment is my duty!

Anyhow, which one is your favorite or should we select?

20160410_1 20160410_2

20160410_3 20160410_4