Big Inventory?

Tough on subordinate consultant

Short week starting from Tuesday just began.
Things went in peace at least for the day since there is no appointment with any client.
Though, still working day is here and I had a long meeting with subordinate consultant on the current project.

I do not mean to be bad boss or mean person. Though, I have to make this fellow to have accelerated thinking.
Logical thinking and analytical thinking… and the persuasive talk on top…
He is very talent person for sure. Though, my expectation from this project perspective is much higher.

Thus, I have to ask many questions when he raises topics. Many questions… more than you imagine for sure.
Why doing such? Well, I do not want to give him answers because I want him to take necessary "thinking" steps.
That didn't come easy at least today. Hahaha.

I almost (did?) ran out of my patience… waiting for nothing. Well, gave him some hints…
Definitely, foster some subordinate consultant to become even more competent is tough and requires LOTS of patience.
I should not complain too much.

Oh forgot to say this.
I placed an order for new iPhone XS online on 14th.
Order confirmation states that 18:30 on 9/14/2018.

Sales begin on 21st… this Friday. How soon do I come to new phone?

Not XS Max?
I pass the largest iPhone ever. My hand is small and I still carry iPad pro around.

In Japan, another 3-day extended weekend is ahead. iPhone XS goes on sale from Friday just before that.
If lucky enough, I may hold new phone in my hand this weekend… will see.

Which color? Oh, I should've mentioned it.
I choose GOLD.
It is iPhone XS GOLD 256G to be precise.

Will update this news so soon.

Extended weekend is over

An extended weekend is just gone by for nothing. At least it was quiet and peaceful.
It means that I spent very relaxing time home, mostly.
According to my schedule, September is going to be easy month ever before difficult time.

I should enjoy myself as much in remaining time before getting too busy.

My Instagram is yet actively doing well. Today, total follows is up to 930.
My goal for 2018 is 1,000 and I have another several months to achieve it.
Not bad. Still on track.

Follow me if you do have Instagram account. Account is of course "ogakijin"
I have many pictures from my life as watch, fashion, food, etc.
Should be fun.

Nightmare: Shopping in Marunouchi

Did not have any exact plan for the day at all. Just like day before.
Though, MoonFlower came up single agenda that we go to Yurakucho to see some shop.
She wanted to buy some baked stuff like cookies. Yep, her usual stuff. No surprise whatsoever.

Thus, I am forced to follow her to the destination. Not too far from the apartment, though.

Shopping was rather quick and we didn't have to hurry as much she forced me to. Hahaha.
Then, we continued shopping in that area today.

While spending none for myself, I came to eat good stuff in the restaurant.
She still suffers in the pain from the dental surgery and had to pass alcohol.
For me, such thing never bothers.

Also great sweets in the late afternoon for us. Not bad at all.
Popular place made many people wait. She and I signed up and waited for about 40 minutes or so.
Waiting was indeed worth to do, though.

And these are what MoonFlower got from shopping at the Conran Shop.
I gave her green light for shopping. Though, didn't expect this quantity. Hahaha. Too late.
Anyway, those cutlery items look very cool. Good choice, I guess.

It means that MF has great taste??? Oh boy, that may induce such nightmares like I have to pay for pricey stuff.


Too much drinks? Too much good time?
Big night it was. I was called upon gathering in Omotesando.
Gathering is among those who spent same time in US for study abroad.

Some of them still live overseas.
I met some new people as well.
Good time and was a good incentive to myself. I bet that it is the same to others as well.