10 years have been passing

Now 10 years… my marriage has been.
July 20th is the wedding anniversary - MoonFlower and I married on July 20th, 2009.
It has been 10 years, already.

10 years - one decade. How many days? Hahaha.

It is time to renew the contract which has been effective for this much of time.
Renewal or even discard the contract?
Gee, will see which one I would and she would choose.

No big family celebration took place today. Maybe tomorrow.
Neither of us is good at planning any kind of event. That is for sure.

Will keep you posted if we ever choose to renew this relationship for another 10 years… Hahaha.

New Fiscal Year

Now new fiscal year to begin. It is FY2020!!!

Oh boy, I was busy - don't know why, though. Hahaha.
I supported two different business meeting for whole new opportunities.
Both "somehow" went well. At least from my perspective!

Now it is July - the beginning of the second half of year.
What have I accomplished so far? That is a big question.
For work, nothing really much.

I am quite away from movie going… need to resume.
Surely missing some important movies.
I need to make some time open for movie going soon.

Naomi Osaka disappeared in the first elimination round at Wimbledon, already?!
That is too fast.
Now have to pay attention to Ken Nishikori, another hope from Japan.

Outlet Mall Shopping

Big shopping for us today.
After cemetery visit for prayer, MoonFlower and I went to nearby outlet mall for shopping.
She wanted to buy a new pair of glasses for daily use.

While she bought what she needed, I did the same for myself.
I needed new sandals for coming summer.
Current pair is about to be worn out and new pair needed.

Another pair but same brand one more time. It is Birkenstock.

Love this design… particuarly the side. Camouflage design. Cool, huh!

Drove my new car over 140 kilometers today.

Not bad… more than good… so far.
iPhone is connected to the car via Apple CarPlay.
That is interesting.

New Car Finally Arrived after 6 Years

Alfa Romeo Giulietta was with me over 6 years…
New car just arrived today.

Mercedes Benz C180 Coupe

Very "basic" Mercedes Benz. Not bad, huh.
Least luxury, hahaha.

"buik" (Omotesando)

Cafe record from past weekend.
Called "buik" located not too far from Omotesando Station.
After shopping in Saturday afternoon, we extended our walk into this place.

Yes, of course, it is MoonFlower's choice.

She selected quiche and my choice was of Nicoise-style salad.
I love both. I could have gone both ways.

Coffee was rather bitter.

After-meal dessert was pretty good.

Out cafe-visit was successful at least for the day! Another good place is discovered.
Will see what is next.
Any recommendation?