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July's Car Wash Done!

Finally, I came to do car wash for mine!

Familiy Dinner

Coming to see "Promising Young Woman."
Head that it was a great scenario worth to watch.
Yeah, this is Academy-award film, isn't it?!

Man, this is awesome. Great movie.

Family dinner took place between MoonFlower and I at "Uwotoku" sushi place.

This dinner was for either MF's birthday or our 12th wedding anniversary.
Whichever it is… we have to do another such family dinner soon for the other. Oh boy.

Excellent and such wonderful sushi dinner.

Italian Cuisine "HIWATARI"

Foodie night!
MoonFlower got some recommendation of this Italian place by friend and we had a dinner there tonight.
Called "HIWATARI" - located near Hamamatsucho Station.

1st visit to the place ever for sure.

Great Italian it was… enjoyed all 7 dishes served.
Along with food, they served different wines and that choice was also fantastic.

Great dinner.

MF instantly made next reservation… thus, will be back to this place for another dinner.

Recommended much.

Weekend is over!

Vendor for high pressure cleaning of drains in the building came in and did their work.

Thought it would take longer than 15 minutes. Actually, it was a matter of about 10.

Belated lunch took place at Yoshinoya for been bowl along with salad.

Finally got a chance to do hand car wash.

Now my car is clean for sure. Spotless, I mean.

New watch magazine recently established just in.
Meanwhile, I cancelled the subscription of "Chronos" magazine.
I guess, I have to manage my wants over the watch a bit more in terms of spendings.

Well, reading is my task at night along with this alcohol-free drink:

Will see how I would like this kind of drink.

Well, May is about to come to an end. Was the month good to you?
For me, this is quickest month because of Golden Week, Baker Cyst, and some other things that I concerned.

Will see how June would go for me.


New T-shirt

Which one?

Well, MoonFlower said that whichever.
Though, she seems to be up to latter one.
So here we go:

Got this shirt for myself.