Great Restaurant Found

No reservation made in advance… but lucky enough to secure a table for two of us.
Korean BBQ was the dinner… last night.
Great… better than good for sure. This Korean BBQ is something more than expected.

Hmm, we'd better go back again soon (as possible).

Restaurant is located in Nihonbashi area… not too far from our place. Good deal!

Working Saturday?

Walked in to the office in the middle of Saturday afternoon today.
Gotta do is gotta do… anyway.
I had to turn some docs in for work… which I cannot do over next two weeks or so due to the trip.

Picked up new case for my iPad Pro at Apple GInza…
Now finally, came to set it up for real use.

Today's pick on my wrist is GaGa Milano.

Also Ballantine's is my choise after Suntory Hibiki… which I just finished.
17 years stuff… do I really have good taste?
Probably not…

iPad Pro 11-inch 256GB just in


Here it is… Brand new iPad pro 11-inch cellular replacing current 10.5 cellular that I use.

Any question?

Family Dog "Love"

Family dog "Love" went to her vet today.
I followed her and first met her veterinarian who operated her surgery the other day.
Everything was under control according to the vet.

Though, surgery didn't go as planned at that time.
Tumor was too big and didn't come off from her stomach and vet had nothing to do with that.
What he could do then was to close the stomach.

It means that we have to pray that "Love" comes to the good destiny which we hope doesn't come so soon…

Love is a 16-year-old Labrador. Very lovely dog.

New Wallet

Went to Isetan department store and happened to buy new wallet:

The blue thin wallet from Camille Fournet - famous leather brand.
Pretty cool it is!