2 Restaurants in 1 Night?


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Wineshop & Diner FUJIMARU

Long day… consulting session lasted till the night for the day.
Wow, totally unexpected.
I spent quite amount of time just for waiting since staff members at that location were quite swamped.


Compared to the previous day, things were easier and under control for sure.
Well, things went well, though. Just too longer time.
This resulted to delay the dinner time.

MoonFlower wanted to go to "FUJIMARU" place in Asakusabashi.
Originally, reservation was made for 19:00.
Then, I had to change the time from 19:00 to 21:00 per job situation.

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Dinner got started at 21:00. Place was already packed since it is really popular.
Though, reservation didi save a table for two of us. Thank God.

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Prosciutto was excellent!!!
I need to come back again just for those. SERIOUSLY.


Pasta was definitely right finish. No complaint at all.
The dinner was way above the average and this place is no mistake. Recommended.
You'd better check it out for yourself. Hahaha.

Back to Work!




2 Movies a Day!

Very rare… but my favorite.
Today turns to be a good movie day for me. Actually, saw two of them within one day!
One is the Spider-man and the other is the Mummy by Tom Cruise.

This is movie number 13 in this year.

Fun? This movie seemed a bit cheap. Hope that next one of the series comes along with expectation.
Spiderman in my understanding is a little bit serious but clumsy…
In this story, "new" spider-man is quite easy going… in order to match the rest of Avengers, I believe.

This becomes movie number 14 in 2017.

Actually, wanted to see the Transformers. Well, I had to wait until MoonFlower can go together since she wanted to see as well.

I wouldn't have watched this movie if Tom was not in the movie. Story was quite adventurous but not the way I like.
Mummy seems a little bit ugly… hahaha.

Tomorrow, I will see the Transformers with MoonFlower. Very tensed time for me to go movies! Yeah!

Sushi while on short break!

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